Friends at the Table: The Road to PARTIZAN 09: Microscope Pt. 1 and 2
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For the most recent two episodes the friends built out the recent history of the galaxy, explaining the rise of the Divine Principality, some real shenanigans around Apostalos, and the fall of the partially synthetic Equiaxed in the Columnar Tabulary. The stage is now set for the season to begin.

This is the last worldbuilding episode before Partizan starts, though there will be one more episode summarizing all of these road episodes.

This week: Austin, Dre, Keith, Andy
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This worldbuilding game was super interesting! It made me want to play a variation of it to flesh out one of my own worlds, a shame that would require other people that care as much as I do.

I feel like the FatT crew does more interesting stuff with tone setting and worldbuilding than actual roleplaying, so I'm kinda sad this is the end of the Road to Partizan. Here's hoping I don't slide off of it the way I slid off of Twilight Mirage.
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They've talked a lot about what they did right and wrong for Twilight Mirage and said that they were very deliberate in taking a couple of months off to focus on making something more simple and cohesive this season.

One of my favorite bits of the worldbuilding episodes is when Keith was like "You only have FIVE factions?!" and Austin started talking about subfactions and dual allegiance characters and a vast chart to blanket the galaxy. So he's trying, he's really trying, but he's got a lot of worldbuilding instincts in him lol.
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