Friends at the Table: PARTIZAN 01: The Seaside Town of Obelle
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It's the first episode of a new series! Austin gets very into world building. Everyone else chills on a boat for a long time. Giant robots are all over the place.

SBBR's Mission Objectives: Primary: Support Oxblood's mission by destroying the Apostolosian fuel depot at point Barnacle and sensor station at point Carp, each outside of Obelle proper.

Secondary: Destroy any hallows or hollows at Point Dory, in the Apostolosian base west of the river in Obelle. Rules of Engagement: No harming civilians or civilian property inside of Obelle--destruction of fields is incidental and acceptable collateral damage.

Do not enter Point Albacore under any circumstances.

Austin, Janine, Ali, Andrew
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"In this season technology isn't magic anymore, and everything's very gritty and looks like it was built in 1960, or earlier."

"My cool mask has smooth, easy to read facial expressions."

"My robot can project holographic maps!"

This is what running a tabletop RPG is like, people. Every time.

Overall I like it but I was right there with Ali needing him to clarify what the fuck was happening several times. I think Austin needs a co-GM who will just lean over his computer and start hitting backspace if he takes too long to set something up.

Also I probably won't post every episode. I may end up doing one post per arc since there's not much of a community for this show here right now.
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I should get a chance to listen and report back in the next couple of days. I adore Austin and the rest of the crew, I find the start of every FATT arc fascinating and beautiful, and then I always struggle to keep up with it for more than a few episodes.
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Same. I said it before but the worldbuilding is the best part of FATT. I'd listen to them play collaborative storytelling games like Microscope or Anomaly or even Dialect until the cows come home, but whenever they get into roleplaying I have a hard time keeping interest.

I think the loadout system in Beam Saber is a really cool and fun way to deal with inventory. Just say "I'm loaded for bear" and you can just produce what you need, within reason, without having to worry about pre-planning. It's a little sillier for the mechs since you seem to get to decide on the fly what you have the first time out but after that it's set unless you spend resources to change it, but I think prioritizing fun over realism is useful in tabletop games. Also, I shudder to think how much longer their pre-gaming would have gone on if they had to decide beforehand what all they had equipped. It's cool y'all are scouting ahead and reading your Bible to prepare for the coming mission but get out there and mix it up already.
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