Mr. Robot: 410 Gone
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When Dom got on the plane without Darlene, I was convinced it would blow up before the end of the episode. That's what this show has done to me. Before a couple episodes ago, I never would have pictured them riding into the sunset together. Not sure why they had to work so hard to separate them. No one died, right? Win?
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I mean, there's no way Irving was just at the airport, right? And it wasn't nice of Darlene to destroy Dom's Alexa, she's had a tough time of it, although... understandable and sort of satisfying nonetheless.
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Who the hell does a book signing at an airport?

The show has been telegraphing Darlene dying in a plane crash with quite a few background images and little dialog bits. I'm pretty glad with how that turned out though. Very bittersweet but satisfying.
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The images of Dom finally being able to sleep and Darlene being able to stand on her own promise a more fruitful relationship in the future, if there is one.

I do not think Irving was doing a book signing, after all the cashier made Dom buy the book because he signed it. He was just passing through and wanted to take a look at the display in the airport bookshop. The sense of menace was delicious.

RWA's is now and forever a part of my metal vocabulary. I may have heard it before but Joey Basda$$ sold the idea to well to let it fade from memory.
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This was a fun weird detour between last week's drama and Elliot's presumed upcoming drama.

I liked the few 'stupid robot' jokes like the silent title screen with the automatic hospital doors opening and closing, and Alexa interjecting that she didn't understand when Dom tried to claim her as a friend.

Also, I totally missed the Vonnegut mirror reference, so thanks AVClub for explaining:
If you’re curious, Kurt Vonnegut’s fictional alter-ego Kilgore Trout would describe mirrors as leaks between two universes, so the expression “I’m going to take a leak” meant “I’m going to steal a mirror.” There’s a whole teleology behind it about how ideas, good or bad, eventually permeate society, but we don’t need to get into that to appreciate Leon’s reference.
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no, you have something in your eye
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see you next episode
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Haven't started watching the new season yet, but I had to comment my agreement with the above-the-fold bit of this post.
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Is it me or was the ending a reference to Stranger then Paradise? Which also ended with a very similar mix-up on a flight to Budapest.
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The road to stupid is paved with irreversible hacks and good intentions, but hey. I mean, at least he was actually conscious for this one.

fucking airport terminals. save our Ship, esmail
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The scene with the money transfer and the crowd of strangers at a rest area all together in that moment is actually quite beautiful.
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Also I'm a sucker for Carly Rae Jepsen.
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I agree that the money transfer scene is beautiful - and in any other series or movie, that would be the happy ending. This isn't that series, so I'm awfully curious where it will go.
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Yeah, the money transfer scene redeemed the show for me. In some sense this is the culmination of the main series story from the very beginning of season 1. The hacker goal to liberate all the money and give it to the people. I also love that it was Darlene's moment, her victory. fSociety was always her, Eliot was sort of the outside consultant. She wins!

Was baffled by the whole airport scene. And DomLene, for that matter. I mean Darlene really has been pretty awful to Dom in the past. Which is acknowledged but I guess they're all past that now? It just surprised me they spent so much time on their relationship, the whole get-to-the-airport-and-flee stuff was very, very long.
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On a couple of rewatches of the episode, I think things are complicated. I'm going to have to rewatch the whole series to have any deep knowledge of exactly how their relationship has unfolded, but I think Eliot backing out of leaving changed the stakes for Darlene. I'm not entirely sure why Darlene was pursuing having her accompany her and Eliot as they flee other than maybe the whole "knife in the chest still three of the best bullet placements ever" bit of heroism. Maybe that was enough to get Darlene to want to save Dom from DA?
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Nelson: Was baffled by the whole airport scene. And DomLene, for that matter. I mean Darlene really has been pretty awful to Dom in the past. Which is acknowledged but I guess they're all past that now? It just surprised me they spent so much time on their relationship, the whole get-to-the-airport-and-flee stuff was very, very long.

Dom and Darlene needed time to change, and the chance to learn things. Dom needed to be there to have Irving show up on his way to a book signing in UMass, so he could tell her that DA doesn't care about here or Darlene any more, to release her of some obligations. Now, traveling can be for her own mental well-being.

Darlene needed to have Dom, and lose her, to have a panic attack on her own, to realize that yes, she can take care of herself. " 'Cause you know, you a boss, girl."

Did any of this further the core story of Elliot's mission to cancel consumer debt (done, with consequences), then take down the Deus group (done), and finally, figure out why the Washington Township was so special to Whiterose (new quest!)? Nope, but it made it clear that Darlene and Dom were important and valuable characters on their own, not as players in Elliot's convoluted story.

I wish we could have had similar semi-happy, or at least expanded story lines, for Trenton, Mobley and Romero.

Minor gripe: Dom's sudden adherence to Obeying The Law, while could be read as keeping a low profile, was portrayed as something else. "What is it with you and breaking the law? It's like a fetish." That didn't sound like Dom.

Parting link: Three Days of the Condor (FanFare post).

'You know, maybe it was what my boy Joubert says: "I don't interest myself in the why. I think more often in terms of the when, sometimes where, but always how much." I fucking felt that. Got me opening up my eyes to diversifying my revenue streams and whatnot.'

I'll miss you, Leon.
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