Batwoman: Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Two
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Man, what a ride. I didn’t even watch Smallville but still appreciated the epilogue for that Clark and Lois, plus Kevin Conroy using his old Bruce Wayne voice in live action as a Batman who broke his rule is chilling. Brandon Routh stole the show reprising his Superman though. I wish he’d have been able to do more with that character a decade ago.
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Legends make everything better. Super episode.
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HBO's Kingdom Come with Routh as Supes would be fun.
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I liked that Kate's and Kara's civilian outfits echoed their superhero costume colours. Of course Kate ended up with the Kryptonite, because these days it seems DC has a rule that you can't be a bat unless you walk around armed with green glowing rocks.

I was so looking forward to Conroy's appearance but I hate to say that it felt a bit off somehow. Maybe it was a trying-too-hard situation or maybe it was this particular version of Bruce. That said, there were times his voice his just the right notes to make everything seem perfectly right with the world.

I really wanted to see what adventures Mick got up with with not only beer and a snarky Leonard AI but with Harbinger, although it was cute to see Mick with baby Jon (or hasn't he been named yet?). I also appreciated the fact that Kate noped right out when being passed the baby. I don't blame her.

Poor Clark was having such a hard time being faced with all of these new situations: strangers handling his son, Lois briefly being infatuated with not just one but two different versions of him. It is funny though, I've always been of the belief that Supes doesn't have to be the biggest, most muscled-up guy in the room because he doesn't need that kind of physique to do what he does, but in comparison to Routh and Welling, Hoechlin looks a bit on the small side. (Yes I know they padded Routh's suit, but he's still taller--or at least was shot that way.)

Mia and Sara made for a good pair, which makes sense. I loved Sara trying to get a straight answer out of John, who really didn't want to be involved in the Oliver revival situation.

Cryer did a good job as Lex, but as mentioned about Routh was the standout. I really am not looking forward to his departure. Losing him is losing a very valuable asset and character.
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i was so excited when Kevin Conroy started talking and then stepped down the stairs I had to pause and explain to the gf what a momentous occasion this is.

Like I literally grew up with _that_ Batman. And his voice is basically _the_ embodiment of Batman for me. So to see him in live action as Bruce was awesome. The fact that it turned out he was actually a bad guy was kind of sad, but an interesting creative choice. And the metal exoskeleton letting him also fight reminds me of old Bruce Wayne in Batman Beyond. And after catching up with the Easter Eggs link, it _is_ based on Batman Beyond, with "99" as the year that show premiered.

I loooove snarky Snart AI. I also wish we got more Mick. Legends won't have its own crossover episode so I'm glad we're getting any bits we can get of them.

Also yes the fanservice with Smallville and Routh as Superman made me so happy.
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I love that Leonard’s voice is the ship and bitching about his romance novels and that Mick is basically living out of his car. I MISS YOU LEONARD.

I love how Kate won’t hold the baby.

I never watched Smallville and I laughed my head off at the Smallville scene.
“Can’t say I’ve missed these chats.”
“Still stronger.”
“Smallville, you made a funny! It’s taken you about a decade...”
Lex is such a wanky pissy bitch.

“Eleven bathroom, seven bath coffin.” Har.

Romance novels are kid friendly.

“That’s one of the least insane things I’ve ever heard.” I love superheroes.

“I never thought I’d say this, but I’m tired of killing Superman.”

“Actually, this is the second time I’ve gone nuts and fought myself.”

“What good is being the Paragon of Hope if I don’t have any?”
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Legends will have its own crossover episode in January.

Like everyone else, alt!Mick holding the baby was a standout. Routh's performance as Superman absolutely proves he was unbelievably screwed by a bad script on the film version. He is so good and I'm sad they are moving him off Legends.
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Is Routh leaving Legends this season? I hadn't heard, that's a bummer.
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I've seen a lot about him (and Courtney Ford) leaving but I haven't been able to find out anything about the reasons.
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All I saw a while back was that it was plot related reasons, not necause the actors wanted to leave.
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