Critical Role: Politics and Punishment
December 10, 2019 5:12 PM - Season 2, Episode 87 - Subscribe

Running on fumes, the Mighty Nein face down the new form of their old threat, but it is diplomacy that proves to be an even greater challenge...
posted by booksherpa (6 comments total)
They were so close to finding out who else was on the council of Taldorei!
posted by dinty_moore at 12:23 PM on December 11, 2019

Also I was extremely worried for Beau and Jester during that fight, but the council!
posted by dinty_moore at 12:24 PM on December 11, 2019

The fight was intense...but Trent!
posted by nubs at 7:13 AM on December 17, 2019

The council of Taldorei running joke has been hilarious and I don't even really understand it.

Also Pu-muscles.
posted by fleacircus at 12:41 PM on June 10, 2021

Not sure if you watched the first season, but the council of Taldorei were pretty big allies for Vox Machina (well, what was left of it, long story), and there's a non-zero chance that some of the PCs or beloved NPCs from the first campaign would be on the council twenty years later.

Also, Matt having not made that decision and then denying his players information means that they're all even more desperate to know. . .
posted by dinty_moore at 3:17 PM on June 10, 2021

I figured it was something like that. I have watched about 15 episodes of the first season; someone's "best episodes" list plus the last ~5.
posted by fleacircus at 3:20 PM on June 10, 2021

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