Critical Role: Unwanted Reunions
December 16, 2019 4:54 PM - Season 2, Episode 88 - Subscribe

The Mighty Nein must deal with the political ramifications of their choices as they wade further into the depths of the war between the Empire and Xhorhas...
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Watching Matt's reactions when the party is engaged in discussion is one of the joys of this shoe.
posted by nubs at 10:12 PM on December 17, 2019 [2 favorites]

I do enjoy the reactions when the clerics went straight to murder. #murderclerics

Also, constantly confused reactions to Jester.
posted by dinty_moore at 7:20 AM on December 18, 2019

J: "Yeah! We could cut him up into tiny pieces and leave for the Xhorhaus and never come back."

Cad: "...What I was trying to say was that we have your back, Caleb."
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(and looking back at my first comment, by "shoe" I clearly meant "staying up too late to watch critical role")
posted by nubs at 9:42 AM on December 18, 2019

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