Star vs. The Forces of Evil: Monster Arm / The Other Exchange Student
December 14, 2019 2:05 PM - Season 1, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Marco's arm turns into a tentacle and Star is jealous.

Wikipedia synopsis: Marco breaks his arm before a karate tournament. Star uses her wand to fix it, but transforms it into a tentacle arm. As Star tries to find a spell to reverse it, Marco begins to like his new powers associated with the arm. However, the arm harbors an evil sentience that intends to take over the world. / When the Diaz family receives a visit by their former foreign exchange student Gustav from Scandinavia, Gustav soon becomes the family favorite with his meatballs, that Star feels neglected. She senses something is wrong when she discovers Gustav harbors some books and media about how to act like a Scandinavian in his backpack.
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Star's sense of personal responsibility is already growing; she hesitant to even try the healing spell in the first place, and when it fails, she's singularly devoted to the task of figuring out how to fix it.

Alfonso's voice throws me off every time he opens his mouth.

So far, I've most enjoyed the episodes in which Star has to play the voice of reason when other characters have gone unhinged, so these episodes are a treat. Maybe it's just the "Scandinavian" houseguest, but her "glitter dragon escalation" spell looks like something right out of The Saga of Erik the Viking.
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