Star vs. The Forces of Evil: Matchmaker / School Spirit
December 14, 2019 12:17 PM - Season 1, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Star turns a teacher into a troll and protects a team.

Wikipedia synopsis: Star fails her first test, so she tries to play matchmaker for their math teacher Miss Skullnick to get a better grade. However, she winds up turning her into a troll. When Ludo and his minions attack, one of the monsters falls for Skullnick. / Echo Creek Academy prepares for a football game against their rival school. Marco tries to protect Ferguson, who has become the team mascot, from being kidnapped. Star takes the concept of going to battle literally, and booby traps the field with bombs, evil kittens, and giant birds.
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I love Marco lampshading his unchanging attire.

With the introduction of Marco's friends and his crush on Jackie, I started getting strong Gravity Falls vibes; we've already got a boy and girl of similar ages living together in a contemporary setting that is nonetheless beset by genre-appropriate extra-natural elements.

I definitely didn't remember Ludo's plans for what he'd do when he got the wand. "Lifeguard Ludo" suggests that if Star had just provided him with a bodily transformation rather than her teacher, he wouldn't need to keep sending his flunkies after her.

Anyway, these two are still basically setting the stage and establishing Marco's everyday life, with Ludo or Star herself providing "monster of the week"-style episodic conflicts, which is a big part of why I wrote the show off the first time. Miss Skullnick's transformation is the first clue about how much narrative continuity we'll get later, but we're not there yet. I should have recognized this from the Gravity Falls parallel I noticed earlier: I snored through the first season of that show, too.
posted by jsnlxndrlv at 12:56 PM on December 14, 2019

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