Steven Universe: Snow Day
December 21, 2019 7:55 PM - Season 6, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Steven has grown into a focused and organized young man! But the other Crystal Gems kind of miss the old, "classic" Steven. The solution: a game of Classic Steven Tag.
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Steven tag (Pearl! The fusions!) Together breakfast! This whole episode was a love letter to goofy season 1 Steven. Nothing lasts forever, though. It's especially poignant with Steven, since how he sees himself plays a big role in his physical appearance. He easily could be Kid Steven still, it's a conscious choice on his part to mature and grow up.

I imagine it's especially hard for a Gem to deal with that, since they're used to things staying constant for centuries. I'm glad the Crystal Gems are working to stay close with Steven as everything changes around them. Also appreciated them immediately apologizing as soon as Steven expressed his feelings, it's a good model.

I like the idea of a Gem halfway house where they can explore their new freedom and figure out what they want to be. I still don't like the name "Little Homeschool"
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Pointy nosed Pearl Steven gives me life. Face masks with animals!

I liked this too, but I was a bit...why are the Gems apologizing? They just want to spend time with the kid they raised. Steven is clearly overworked and overbooked, and they were thinking of him.
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I just rewatched this, and noticed there are still gems bubbled in the Temple. What?
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I think what it probably is is that they're releasing and uncorrupting gems slowly, so as not to overwhelm Little Homeschool's resources or Beach City's defenses. They can afford to take their time now, especially since their school is so new. They might also be working out kinks before ramping up their uncorruption efforts.

Here's a few questions. It seems like Little Homeschool is organized kind of like a community college; the schedule on Steven's phone indicates that it's even organized on quarters instead of semesters. Cherry Quartz back in the first episode of Future was asking Steven if he could sign off on her schedule, like he's also her academic advisor. Are there benefits beside learning Earth ways? Do they offer degrees? Does it present the opportunity to set up a residence in Little Homeworld? Little Graduation is the title of an episode coming out next week, maybe we'll find out then?
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I loved all the over the top anime references in the tag scene! So funny.
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that was so great! was it the first time we've seen any of the fusions totally shape-shift like that?
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Yup! The only time we've seen a shape-shifting fusion is the last time Garnet played Steven Tag. I don't think we've seen any of the big ones do it at all.
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I thought the apology wasn’t about wanting to spend time with Steven but about pressuring him to play a game that brought up complex/awkward feelings for him around being a kid vs growing up. And especially around being seen as a grown up by the Gems. So less like, “I’m sorry I did something mean” and more like “I’m sorry I didn’t realize that would hurt your feelings.”
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Pearl with her Exorcist references! And then actually comfortable shapeshifting again! I was cackling once it became clear they were going to do every single fusion too. I'm really loving the lighter, "what happens after the world is saved?" air of this series.
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