Steven Universe: Why So Blue
December 21, 2019 7:59 PM - Season 6, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Steven's message of peace, that gems can stop working and be themselves, went out, but a couple of gems continue to be destructive: a pair of Lapis Lazulis, among the stronger gem types out there. Can Steven and the Lapis we know get them to stop wrecking planets?
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Finally, some good fucking Lapis content. This is some of the most interesting characterization out Lapis has had in a long time, she was dancing, singing, cracking jokes, kicking ass.

"You can do whatever you want now!" "Yeah we want to keep wrecking shit" Kinda hard to argue with that, and Steven certainly wasn't bringing much of interest to the table.

"Wow, you're strong!" "No, I'm being weak!" Lapis out here showing us it takes strength to show restraint.

I assume those were Era 1 Lapises like our Lapis, but they were surprisingly uncreative with their powers compared to ours, despite ours cooling her heels for five thousand years. Was she always a particularly gifted example of her gem, or did she spend a lot of time thinking of creative forms of revenge while she was trapped in the mirror?

Also Steven you better keep those Lapises away from Jasper or you will have hell to pay.
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I always assumed our Lapis was hella old. She probably had plenty of time to develop that creativity before she was put in the mirror. Era 1 was long. Like those two new girls were very impressed with our Lapis. She's something special, I think, even among her peers.

I loved this. I loved the new song, I loved the little buds, and the rogue Lapises are great. So sharp! So sassy!

And so much good Lapis content from our girl too. I love how far she's come. And I'm so glad that the fusion-happy SUF didn't take the option to fuse Steven and Lapis. She's great on her own.
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Yeah, I don't think our Lapis will fuse anytime soon. Not as long as she thinks of it as a prison...
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I was also pleasantly surprised by the lack of the seemingly inevitable Lapis/Steven fusion in this episode.

I'm not sure if this was my imagination, or just because Lapis is tall, but Steven looked noticeably younger/smaller to me at the beginning of this episode, which I thought was weird since they put such an emphasis on him wanting to be more grown up in the previous one.
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I'm worried about Freckles Lapis being found by Jasper too. That could end up badly for either of them.
posted by JHarris at 7:01 AM on December 23, 2019

just going off of the "bad guys" shot in the intro, I don't think a Malachite fusion will appear in Future. We still have yet to see what seems to be an off-color white diamond, a cactus thing, and a spiky worm monster. So far we've seen Jasper, Bluebird Azurite, and the two Lapises. Unless the worm monster is a fusion of Malachite and also Bluebird.... *shudders*
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Enjoyed KorraLapis saving the world from the other water benders.
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Lapises are such adorable monsters you just want to hug them. And then they kill you.

Aside from meepmorps, what would be good work for a Lapis?
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Good work for a Lapis? USACE levee maintenance and flood fighting, but also delta restoration and dam removal, that is, undoing our terraformers/ engineers' massive mistakes.

She could restore water balance and fix all the dead water behind the Netherlands' dikes, or clean up the canals in Venice

Also cleaning up the massive amount of oil rig pollution at the bottom of the ocean- Lapis could finally clean up the BP oil disaster at the bottom of Mississippi Canyon, by mixing oxygen into the oiled ocean sediments
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Any she could process all of the oil industry s surface waste water pits, clean that water of radium, salt and benzene, and save billions of migrating birds. She could also clean the groundwater from Fracking wastes
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Flood mitigation would be the easy option for them, just use em as adorable blue Undo buttons. Good for landslides, given they can do mud.

But anything that requires precision cutting could be fun too. Our girl was also pretty good at irrigation, making things grow.
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I hope you guys are ready for this, because the next episode, Little Graduation, looks like it has to do with... Lars and Sadie. There's an official preview clip, and it looks like the two are officially apart.
posted by JHarris at 3:52 PM on December 28, 2019

You guys I just had the best idea

All of these Gem malcontents--Jasper, Bluebird, Asshole Lapis--are eventually going to team up, forming a supergroup... But the twist is that the supergroup is a rival band to Sadie Killer and the Suspects... WITH MARTY AS THE MANAGER.

Never written fanfic before but I might have to write this. Possible Steg cameo.
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