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In the second season, Joe Goldberg moves from New York to Los Angeles to escape his past, and starts over with a new identity. When he meets avid chef Love Quinn, Joe begins falling into his old patterns of obsession and violence.
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Season two of You is streaming on Netflix in the US.
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This is obviously not a show anyone would consider “high art” or “prestige drama”. Yet, through all the pulpy, goofy, straining believability elements of Season 1(I binge watched both seasons over the last several days), at its core, I found it to be an interesting, recognizable (though obviously taken to the extreme ) examination of jealousy, possessiveness, and obsession.

While Season 2 was perhaps a bit more artful in some ways, better acted for sure, I found myself a little confused about what, if anything it was trying to say, beyond “Women can be just as awful as men”? Also not sure I needed Joe’s backstory to explain his behavior, felt like too much of a crutch.
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I'm sick so I'm binge watching this.

I made it to the end of s2 e1 and was pissed at how Joe was holding that Joan Didion book. I find it hard to believe a bibliophile would hold a book like that.

Also I miss his bookstore coworker.
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Ok I'm only up to e3 in s2, but they are trying to go in the direction of Dexter? Because a dude who stalked and killed his ex gf is a hard sell for me in terms of turning into some sort of vigilante hero.
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Yeah, the ending of S2 doesn't really fit with the "old style romcom love=horror" that S1 was, though I continued to enjoy the way he was acted.

At no point is Joe ever actually portrayed as a hero -- sure sometimes he says he's one, but the show is clear that he's lying to himself.

Joe isn't a bibliophile, he's just pretentious.
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A character in the show directly references Dexter in terms of Joe/Will so it's pretty clear the writer was aware of that viewers might draw that connection. And I've heard other people talk about Joe/Will is being very much like Dexter so...yeah....
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Celebrating bisexual pescatarian authors
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I loved it. It was bananas.
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I, and I think most people I discuss it with, watch this because it is so trashy and bad and we love the terrible plot holes and all of the characters are bad and this show is the worst and screaming at it is great.

But what on Earth is season 3 going to be?

And why would you put your supposedly super secret plastic cage and dismembering spot in a storage unit?
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