Critical Role: Bathhouses and Bastions
January 16, 2020 11:28 AM - Season 2, Episode 90 - Subscribe

The Mighty Nein continue their research and relaxation in Rexxentrum before returning to Xhorhas in hopes of convincing the Bright Queen to parley...
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(Again with apologies to booksherpa, who I hope is ok; I'm not intending to take over posting the CR episodes, but I also don't want to start missing them).

*kinda fun to see Sam being the one bored with a shopping/downtime episode, instead of Travis. But it was like herding cats for the first half tonight.

*interesting to me that Caleb went to the library intending to research means of helping Nott, but put that aside when Beau's inquiry was more interesting. Was it, or is he just procrastinating? And he's hiding the fact that he visited Astrid. Not sure it's a big deal, but sometimes secrets get weird.

*loving how supportive the group is of each other at moments when they question themselves; Caleb with Jester in this episode.

*spa day!

*What's the relationship between the Bright Queen and the officer who spoke up?

*Nott rolled pretty well on an Insight check on Essek - wondering what the whispers were about, because Nott seems troubled by him now. And he's many things, but "uninteresting" is not one of them.

*Looking forward to some Yasha & the Orphanmakers T-shirts.
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> What's the relationship between the Bright Queen and the officer who spoke up?

On Talks, Matt talked a lot about this character. They’re both the top general for the Dynasty, and the Bright Queen’s multiple-life life partner.
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I figured there was some deep personal connection; thanks lazugod!
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