Freaks (2018)
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Kept locked inside the house by her father, 7-year-old Chloe lives in fear and fascination of the outside world, where Abnormals create a constant threat - or so she believes. When a mysterious stranger offers her a glimpse of what's really happening outside, Chloe soon finds that while the truth isn't so simple, the danger is very real.
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Current $0.99 on iTunes and Amazon Prime in the US and free on Hoopla, if you get that app through your public library.
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5 word review: what if Brightburn, but... good?
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Now on Netflix in Canada. I don't know if the US Netflix has it. I loved it, up to and including the delightfully ambiguous ending.

CW: at one point, police yell "Stop resisting" as they shoot someone in the back.
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