Supergirl: The Bottle Episode
January 19, 2020 7:53 PM - Season 5, Episode 10 - Subscribe

The subsequent complications from the Crisis leave Supergirl to face a chaotic threat.
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Post-Crisis WTF'ery continues. This episode was the most comic-book like I can recall watching. The good and the bad. The witches are Kryptonians, with magic. They should be juggernauts, not a sideshow. The Brainiac-5 arc plot seems like an unforced error in the making. Lena going to her step-mother for advice is nonsensical. Her alliance with Lex in the face of knowing that Leviathan exists seems to be narrow-visioned, even for a Luthor. The basic plot for the episode was good, but I could do with some Brainiac-1 mentions or even a guesting, or even a return of Indigo. But the, "Bottling planets is something our ancestors used to do," could have some interesting implications. I look forward to Wynn next week.
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So does all the duplicate Brainys have anything coincidentally to do with the end of this week's Batwoman? JUST WONDERING.

The Raths look like they were having fun, at least. But another Nia breakup, ughhhhhhhh. I was already going "I thought they were split last I checked?" but who knows.

Why did Brainy1 go from blue to green and white to blonde? Comics, I assume?

I have to say, I was so bored with Leviathan/William/Andrea whatever that I was happy to think we'd have less of that. Never mind, I guess.

The Luthors are choice in this one, though.

So Wynn is actually coming back? "spoiler's return" was misleading here.
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I did not think it was a spoiler. His picture was the last image of the episode. Apologies for the upset. I will try to be more careful in the future.
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Commenting about Wynn's picture is fair. Yes, it was a blink and you miss it moment, but it was in the episode.

What I don't get is if all the Brainiacs are so interconnected and aware and plugged into the big brain, they could be able to sense there are other earths out there. Of course, there may be no Brainiacs on those worlds (in the present or the future), but you would assume that on worlds with their own versions of Superman, there would be Brainiacs, too.
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I was also confused a bit by the character's insistence that there is no more multiverse, but the end of Crisis showed that there are multiple Earths. I guess these Brainiacs don't know that and this "Big Brain" perhaps is also different in separate Earths.

Actually that makes sense, for our heroes there's no reason for them to assume there are still a multiverse because all the people of Earths that they know about are in Earth-prime (though I'm surprised none of them wants to check on Superman-96 or Rory-47). I guess we'll see in the upcoming Flash when they figure out there's still other Earths, or Arrow, where !Laurel learns that there's an Earth 2 again, but not hers.

The Brainiacs were kinda fun! And I love that Jesse Rath's real sister, Meaghan Rath (of Being Human fame, but I recognize her more from New Girl) plays the female Brainiac 5, so the resemblance is there!

I found it intriguing that Brainy will cooperate with Lex, and we can already see Leviathan is alive and well with Gamemnae (aka Gemma Cooper) cozying up to Andrea. What I'm left wondering is if Leviathan know about Crisis and somehow positioned themselves to take advantage of this rewrite with Gemma befriending Andrea in the new past, since it seemed like Andrea didn't know of Gamemnae in pre-Crisis timeline.
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Oh whoops, no, I just meant that "spoiler" implied that Winn the actor was actually in the episode and was disappointed he wasn't! I was thinking of one of the linked article headlines that did that.
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