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The adventures of Superman's cousin in her own superhero career.


Supergirl: Blurred Lines  Season 5, Episode 3

Kara attempts to mend her relationship with Lena. J'onn J'onzz takes a deep dive into his memories while Kelly tries to help an old friend. [more inside]
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Supergirl: Stranger Beside Me  Season 5, Episode 2

Supergirl, Alex, and Brainiac thwart an alien attack while William investigates Kara. J'onn J'onzz and Kelly use Obsidian tech to solve a problem. [more inside]
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Supergirl: Event Horizon  Season 5, Episode 1

Kara is surprised to find CatCo has a new owner who has brought in a star reporter; new couples emerge and explore their budding relationships; J'onn J'onzz receives an unexpected visitor. [more inside]
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Supergirl: The Quest for Peace  Season 4, Episode 22

Lex Luthor descends upon Washington, D.C. and summons Lena and Lillian to the White House; When Supergirl realizes she has the one last chance to stop Lex, she turns to the power of the press to help. [more inside]
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Supergirl: Red Dawn  Season 4, Episode 21

Kara comes face to face with Red Daughter. Brainy, Dreamer, and J'onn searches for missing aliens. Lena confronts Ben Lockwood with the truth. [more inside]
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Supergirl: Will the Real Miss Tessmacher Please Stand Up?  Season 4, Episode 20

Kara and Lena head to Kaznia to hunt down Lex. Meanwhile, Alex gets a long-awaited phone call, James practices using his powers, and Ben Lockwood takes a dangerous stand inside the DEO. [more inside]
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Supergirl: American Dreamer  Season 4, Episode 19

As Kara doggedly works as a reporter to clear Supergirl's name, Dreamer picks up the slack as National City's protector, which leads to a showdown with Ben Lockwood. James takes drastic measures to confront his PTSD. [more inside]
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Supergirl: Crime and Punishment  Season 4, Episode 18

Kara and Lena head to Stryker's Island to find clues that may help defeat Lex. Kelly encourages James to talk to someone for his PTSD. Ben Lockwood visits the DEO. [more inside]
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Supergirl: All About Eve  Season 4, Episode 17

Supergirl and Alex teams up with Lena to find Lex and Eve. J'onn is confused about his identity. [more inside]
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Supergirl: The House of L  Season 4, Episode 16

In the wake of Lex Luthor's return, the show flashes back to what he's been doing for the last two years and how his secret machinations and plans have affected Supergirl and Lena. [more inside]
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Supergirl: O Brother, Where Art Thou?  Season 4, Episode 15

(Answer: in your house, being an asshole.) Lex Luthor joins the cast and pulls all the strings. There is ethical debate about using Lena's serum on well, anybody. Nia makes a move. [more inside]
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Supergirl: Stand and Deliver  Season 4, Episode 14

When Ben Lockwood organizes support for anti-alien sentiments, The Elite pushes back violently. Supergirl must decide where she'll take a stand as Brainy and J'onn side with aliens in the city. Haley gives Alex a duty that goes against her morals. James picks up the camera again. [more inside]
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Supergirl: What's So Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American Way?   Season 4, Episode 13

Manchester Black breaks out of prison and form a new team, the Elite. Supergirl tries to apprehend them while dealing with the Children of Liberty. Nia Nal advances her training. [more inside]
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Supergirl: Menagerie  Season 4, Episode 12

Kara teams up with J'onn on his latest assignment, the director of Alien Affairs has gone missing. Alex and the DEO hunts for the villain Menagerie. Lena gets an inevitable offer for her research. Brainy tries to get Nia to train to be Dreamer. [more inside]
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Supergirl: Blood Memory  Season 4, Episode 11

Kara joins Nia on a trip to Nia's hometown to visit her family during the town's annual Harvest Festival. J'onn helps Alex deal with a street drug that is turning humans violent and giving them temporary super strength. A reporter working for James uncover something about Lena. [more inside]
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Supergirl: Suspicious Minds  Season 4, Episode 10

After Supergirl saves a cargo ship from what seems to be an alien attack, Colonel Haley is upset that she's interfering with the DEO and makes it her top priority to find Supergirl's secret identity. J'onn begins his private investigator business. Brainy tries to convince Nia to embrace her powers. [more inside]
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Supergirl: Elseworlds, Part 3  Season 4, Episode 9

Supergirl, the Flash, Green Arrow, and Superman engage in the battle of their lives. [more inside]
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Supergirl: Bunker Hill  Season 4, Episode 8

After noticing something is bothering Nia, Kara and Brainy helps her figure out a dream she's had. Meanwhile, Manchester Black pays Ben Lockwood a menacing visit. [more inside]
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Supergirl: Rather the Fallen Angel  Season 4, Episode 7

James falls in deeper with the Children of Liberty in his efforts to meet Agent Liberty. Meanwhile, Supergirl and Manchester Black follow a lead on Agent Liberty's location, but things take a dark turn. Lena kicks off her first set of trials. [more inside]
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Supergirl: Call to Action  Season 4, Episode 6

Kara faces off in a news debate against Ben Lockwood. James and Lena disagree about the best way to handle the children of Liberty. [more inside]
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Supergirl: Parasite Lost  Season 4, Episode 5

The villain known as Parasite returns with Jensen as host. Alex adjusts to being under the command of Colonel Haley. Kara and Nia gets an exclusive interview with a prominent alien.
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Supergirl: Ahimsa  Season 4, Episode 4

Alex asks Lena and Brainiac to team up and help Supergirl; J'onn discovers new ways to help his fellow aliens after running into Manchester Black. [more inside]
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Supergirl: Supergirl Season 4  Season 4 (Full Season)

I'm trying to bring back discussion of Supergirl since it's gone out of favor, but seriously, season 4 is really good, y'all. [more inside]
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Supergirl: Battles Lost and Won  Season 3, Episode 23

There's dead and there's not-so-dead in this season finale episode. [more inside]
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Supergirl: The Fanatical  Season 3, Episode 19

A disciple of Coville's escapes from what's left of his cult and gives Kara and James a journal that could help save Sam. Guardian's secret could be exposed. [more inside]
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Supergirl: Shelter From The Storm  Season 3, Episode 18

To erase the last of Sam's humanity, Reign hunts down Ruby while Alex and Lena keeps her hidden. Supergirl and J'onn visit Sam's mother to protect her. [more inside]
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Supergirl: Trinity  Season 3, Episode 17

Supergirl and the team faces off against the Worldkillers. Guardian is asked to do a difficult favor by Supergirl. [more inside]
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Supergirl: Of Two Minds  Season 3, Episode 16

Supergirl and Imra have different ideas on how to stop the third Worldkiller, Pestilence, as she starts her attack on the city. Sam confronts her inner demon. [more inside]
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Supergirl: In Search of Lost Time  Season 3, Episode 15

J'onn must help his father through his illness. Mon-El teaches Kara fighting techniques he learned in the future. Lena forces Sam to face the truth about herself. [more inside]
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Supergirl: Schott Through the Heart  Season 3, Episode 14

After Winn's father passed away, his estranged mother, Mary, shows up, and they must reconcile why she abandoned him while a copycat Toyman attacks them. Mon-El must tell Kara of a recent discovery. Alex finds J'onn's father, M'yrnn, has something to hide. [more inside]
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Supergirl: Both Sides Now  Season 3, Episode 13

Supergirl and the DEO go after another Worldkiller. The Legion tries to fix their ship. [more inside]
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Supergirl: For Good  Season 3, Episode 12

Morgan Edge accuses Lena of plotting an attempt on his life and Kara steps in to help her. Sam asks Alex for help with her mental issues. [more inside]
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Supergirl: Fort Rozz  Season 3, Episode 11

Supergirl and Saturn Girl recruit some old rivals for a mission to find a prisoner from Fort Rozz who knows how to defeat Reign. [more inside]
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Supergirl: Legion of Superheroes  Season 3, Episode 10

Supergirl remains in a dreamlike state after sustaining injuries. A member of the Legion of Superheroes is recruited to bring her back. [more inside]
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Supergirl: Reign  Season 3, Episode 9

Supergirl traces the origins of a mysterious symbol to an ancient prophecy and the mark of the World Killer, Reign. [more inside]
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Supergirl: Crisis on Earth-X, Part 1  Season 3, Episode 8

Barry and Iris' wedding brings the gang together, but things go awry when villains from Earth-X attack the ceremony. [more inside]
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Supergirl: Wake Up  Season 3, Episode 7

Kara investigates when an alien ship is found beneath National City; Hank attempts to bond with his father; Samantha looks to her estranged mother for answers. [more inside]
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Supergirl: Midvale  Season 3, Episode 6

Kara and Alex head home to Midvale for a little R&R. While there Kara remembers a childhood incident. [more inside]
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Supergirl: Damage  Season 3, Episode 5

Morgan Edge blames Lena for children getting sick from lead poisoning. Also a lot of crying. [more inside]
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Supergirl: The Faithful  Season 3, Episode 4

Kara investigates a secretive new group whose leader, Thomas Coville, has a mysterious connection to Supergirl. Meanwhile, Samantha feels like she's letting Ruby down, and J'onn confesses an old secret. [more inside]
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Supergirl: Far from the Tree  Season 3, Episode 3

Maggie reaches out to her estranged father when Eliza throws her and Alex a wedding shower, while Supergirl joins J'onn on a personal mission. [more inside]
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Supergirl: Triggers  Season 3, Episode 2

A thief with psychic powers attacks National City and proves to be a formidable opponent for Supergirl. [more inside]
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Supergirl: Girl of Steel  Season 3, Episode 1

Kara deals with her grief by focusing her energy on being Supergirl and concentrating on a mysterious new threat. Alex confesses a secret to Maggie. A citizen of National City has a mysterious connection to Kara. Lena makes a bold move. [more inside]
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Supergirl: Nevertheless, She Persisted  Season 2, Episode 22

Supergirl challenges Rhea to battle to save National City. Meanwhile, Superman returns and Cat Grant offers Supergirl some sage advice. (season finale) [more inside]
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Supergirl: Resist  Season 2, Episode 21

Supergirl grapples with whether or not to obey the President's orders regarding Rhea's latest actions. Meanwhile, Cat Grant returns to National City. [more inside]
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Supergirl: City of Lost Children  Season 2, Episode 20

When an alien attacks National City, Supergirl and the DEO learn the alien is a Phorian... [more inside]
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Supergirl: Alex  Season 2, Episode 19

Alex is kidnapped and the kidnapper threatens to kill her unless Supergirl releases a notorious criminal from prison, and Maggie and Kara must work together to save her. Meanwhile, Rhea has an interesting proposal for Lena. [more inside]
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Supergirl: Ace Reporter  Season 2, Episode 18

Lena's ex-boyfriend Jack Spheer comes to National City to unveil his big breakthrough in nano-technology, which has the potential to eradicate all disease, but Kara's investigation turns up something more sinister... [more inside]
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Supergirl: Distant Sun  Season 2, Episode 17

A large bounty is put out on Supergirl and aliens from far and near attack National City intent on taking out the woman of steel; Alex and Maggie run into Maggie's ex-girlfriend, Emily, who is in town for a week; Hank gets an interesting order from President Marsdin. [more inside]
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Supergirl: Star-Crossed  Season 2, Episode 16

Supergirl goes on high alert when a new villain comes to National City. In other events, Winn's new girlfriend gets him in trouble with the law and the Music Meister attacks*. [more inside]
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Supergirl: Exodus  Season 2, Episode 15

As Alex searches for Jeremiah and Kara investigates a series of alien kidnappings, the sisters realize they must break the rules to foil a new Cadmus plot. [more inside]
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Supergirl: Homecoming  Season 2, Episode 14

Alex and Kara are thrilled to have their father, Jeremiah Danvers, back after he's rescued from Cadmus... [more inside]
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Supergirl: Mr. and Mrs. Mxyzptlk  Season 2, Episode 13

An intergalactic stalker shows up and demands Kara's hand in marriage. Meanwhile, Alex, Maggie, J'onn, and Winn all have feelings about Valentine's Day. James is absent. [more inside]
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Supergirl: Luthors  Season 2, Episode 12

Lena is arrested when Metallo breaks Lillian out of prison and evidence suggests that Lena is responsible. [more inside]
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Supergirl: The Martian Chronicles  Season 2, Episode 11

Armek arrives in National City intent on taking M'gann back to Mars to face her punishment as a traitor. [more inside]
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Supergirl: We Can Be Heroes  Season 2, Episode 10

Super girl sets out to recapture Livewire, who has seemingly escaped from prison, but her efforts hit a road block when Mon-El puts Supergirl's safety before the citizens of National City. Meanwhile, James decides to be truthful with Kara; and M'Gann falls into a coma following a psychic attack. [more inside]
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Supergirl: Supergirl Lives  Season 2, Episode 9

The story of a missing woman moves Kara to investigate... [more inside]
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Supergirl: Medusa  Season 2, Episode 8

Eliza comes to town for Thanksgiving, which seems like the perfect opportunity for Alex to come out to her mother. Meanwhile, Winn and James consider telling Kara the truth about the Guardian; and Kara wants to team up with Lena Luthor to combat a deadly virus unleashed by CADMUS. Finally, the Flash and Cisco arrive to ask Supergirl to come to their Earth to start the big 4-show crossover event.
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Supergirl: The Darkest Place  Season 2, Episode 7

Guardian must clear his name after being accused of a murder committed by another vigilante; at the same time, Supergirl comes face to face with Cyborg Superman while on a solo mission to rescue Mon-El from Cadmus. [more inside]
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Supergirl: Changing  Season 2, Episode 6

The Guardian arrives to lend a hand when an alien parasite drains Supergirl of her power. Mon-El contemplates his motives when he considers a new career. Alex faces a new reality. Vulture: Supergirl is telling a hell of a coming-out story.
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