Constantine: Rage of Caliban
November 29, 2014 6:14 AM - Season 1, Episode 6 - Subscribe

John must set aside misgivings about exorcising a child when a malevolent spirit takes over a young boy.
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According to the AV Club recap this was the third episode filmed. So now we finally have an explanation besides "angels are dicks" for why Manny never provides anything but exposition when he appears to Constantine. I understand that shows are often desperate to put their better episodes first in the hopes of getting the ratings to stay on the air, but it's still irksome when the shuffle affects character continuity.
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Yeah, speaking of which, it was slightly jarring that there was both no Zed and not even a passing mention of the fact that there was no Zed. Even a throwaway "Oh she took off to clear her head for a bit" would've been something. I don't think they're doing themselves any favors showing episodes out of order (and really, they couldn't have put the demonic blues record episode later, if they were going to?) and showing an obviously-Halloween episode just after Thanksgiving.
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There was a mention of Zed - when Constantine is trying to have his breakfast, he or Chas says something about her being away at art class. (I've taken to turning on the closed captioning for Constantine episodes - I don't know if it's the accent or the sound mix, but I seem to miss half the dialogue if I don't have the subtitles going.)
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I kind of get the impression that TV production in Atlanta is not yet up to the standards of professionalism you see in LA, NYC and Vancouver—things like sound, lighting and cinematography. Or is it just this show in particular that looks so cheap?
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Wot a stinker, mate. That was terrible on every level. The worst moment, I thought, was in the mother coming to him and saying "I'm going to believe you now because my husband punched you." That was utterly bad writing throughout. Constantine, I have named you and banish you back to the development hell from which you came!
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Another DC relic to go with Dr. Fate's helmet appears at Jasper's this week: Nightmaster's Sword of Night.
Very interesting that this was meant to be the third episode. I wondered why it was a Halloween episode at the end of November. And yeah, it does also help explain Manny the Exposition Fairy's role a little better.
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Ah, nothing like a Halloween episode the day after Thanksgiving. I don't...what...?! What to shoot your legs out NBC!
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The episode shift also explains why they drove to Alabama in that shitty truck instead of Chas's newly fixed up taxi.
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I hope they do a St. Patrick's day episode around Christmas.
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