Garo: Honoo no Kokuin: New Hope
November 29, 2014 7:49 AM - Season 1, Episode 9 - Subscribe

Rafael sends Alfonso to fight the Chimera of Orvien as the final test to become a Makai Knight. León also decides to fight the same Horror and runs into Alfonso along the way. While fighting the Horror together, Alfonso finds out León is Garo. The Horror proves to be too powerful for the two, when Rafael appears to provide assistance.
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I felt in this episode in particular the English episode title differed significantly from the Japanese one, 師弟, meaning "teacher and student." I thought the Japanese episode title better reflected the major theme of the episode, which is the relationship between Rafael and Alfonso. Given Alfonso's reason for wanting to become a Makai Knight, it is fitting he is now Gaia, the Knight of Defense.
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I guess I can't be too surprised w/Rafael's death but it was underwhelming? Is that the right word to describe the fight? Not sure but a bit of a let down for me. As I haven't really learned anything new other than seeing the two young men meet each other at town. It's a bit amusing as even Leon is more worldly than the prince despite only recently going off on his own travels. I wonder if this means they are finally ready to go back to the castle or start their big plans as the Fall season is almost over now.
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It was in this episode that I started questioning what Gulm (the white-haired "watchdog") was up to. Her description of the Chimera was off - could it have been deliberate? And why send both Alfonso and León to fight it? Almost like she was hoping they'd be killed off by this super-strong Horror. They both could have died if Rafael hadn't shown up.
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