Black Lightning: The Book of Markovia: Chapter One: Blessings and Curses Reborn
January 21, 2020 4:15 AM - Season 3, Episode 10 - Subscribe

After returning from Crisis, Jeff discovers that Lynn is using. However, he is too busy dealing with the ASA's escalation against the Resistance to deal with his wife's issues. Meanwhile, Baron's terrakinetic powers go out of control, and Blackbird goes to help the Resistance.
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So it looks like Black Lightning won't be having any post-Crisis WTF-ery. But if the show now exists in the world of Earth Prime where people are now used to seeing Flash and Supergirl super-hero-ing together, shouldn't Gambi have responded to Jefferson's "Superman is real" comment with a "yeah, I know". Doesn't everyone but Jefferson and Jennifer now exist in a world where their memories include the existence of all the Superfriends?
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I am betting the WTF'ery is waiting to hit us an episode or two down the line. Like when Gambi looks at Jefferson and tells him that of course Supes is real. Given Supergirl's whole thing about the multiverse being gone though I wonder how much our heroes really understnad about what has really happened.
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shouldn't Gambi have responded to Jefferson's "Superman is real" comment with a "yeah, I know".

That part was when Jefferson was still out of range of their comms, as he was still flying back to Freeland. The forcefield of the ASA probably interferes with their communications.

This show has always been in its own little world, so I wouldn't expect too much post-Crisis WTF-ery. It's still about the Pierce family (and Gambi) and the comic book stuff is just there to move the plot and set the stage for character development.

Like I enjoyed Anissa stepping up and asking Jefferson to let her lead for once, on something that she's been working with much of this season.

I'm also enjoying the ASA soldier that seems to be willing to change sides. He's the same one that let Lynn go previously when she was going to be trapped at The Pit.
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