Legends of Tomorrow: Meet the Legends
January 21, 2020 7:21 PM - Season 5, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Sara, Ray and Mick are shocked to discover that the Legends have become famous. It seems that everyone except Sara is loving the spotlight, so much so that they invite a documentary crew on board the Waverider to film them as they investigate a strange new blip in the Timeline. The Legends discover that their new problem is none other than Rasputin, who happens to be straight out of hell, and it might be tougher than they thought.
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This is my favorite Arrowverse show. It constantly makes fun of itself and is a joy to watch.
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Mona, how could you break Mick's heart like that. You're taking his baby away. I don't care how bad his last book was, he needs Rebecca in his life, even if he is sharing her with you.

You're absolutely right, heathrowga. The self-referential humour definitely adds to the sense of joy that this show delivers to the audience. It gets to many of the tiny, little moments just right.
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What I don't get is why Gideon was having such a hard time reconciling the pre-Crisis and post-Crisis timelines. I mean it's a time ship. A big chunk of its duties are examining and tracking discrepancies in the timeline and pointing them out to the crew. Yes, this is a much bigger fracture of the timeline, but it's essentially the same task, just on a larger scale.
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I would imagine it's a matter of distance rather than scale. This may not be the toughest timeline discrepancy Gideon's ever had to deal with, but having it be a member of the ship's own crew that has essentially two duplicated entries in the crew roster, might function differently than analyzing weirdness in 1917 from a safely removed distance.

Then again, if that great bit at the end where they debunked their own documentary showed anything, it's that this show knows you shouldn't think too hard about any of this time travel stuff.
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Yeah I think because this fracture involved Gideon herself, she couldn't handle it well.
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from Caity Lotz' instagram:
- here's the stunt rehearsal for that one-take fight scene with Sara and the guards
- here's a failed cut, notice the tip of the rifle that Behrad is holding is bent
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The fight scenes and dips were fun. The hamminess was fun. Exploding Rasputin was fun.

I am disappoint at the end of the Rebecca Silver gag. I mildly enjoyed Mona and probably won't miss her from the show, per se, but it was a weird exit.

The pot smoking brother who doesn't do a lot was amusing. I did like how they introduced Zari back in, that was clever.
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Glad to see Mona go, never liked that character. And did anyone even care that the equally useless Charlie had one scene and then was absent from the rest of the ep? I sure didn't - the actress is fine, but the character is terrible and could also be written out as far as I'm concerned.

Also glad to see Ray put on the Atom suit again, though it was tempered by the knowledge that he'll be leaving the show soon. So will they be making Ryan Choi the new Atom and adding him to the Legends, or was his presence in the crossover just some sort of fakeout?

(Not up on all the news because I bailed on Legends, Flash and Supergirl last season and am just dipping my toes in again after "Crisis on Infinite Earths." Never followed Arrow and have no interest in Batwoman, so the only one of the bunch I have been watching regularly is Black Lightning.)
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From Caity Lotz' twitter: "So this was not planned....fun when outtakes make it in lol"

I don't know which part is the outtake (the whole sequence? just the faint, or the thumbs-up to camera?), but, Lotz and Macallan sure do deliver on the fan service, bless them.
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I was delighted by this episode from start to finish. So many tiny gags, from the crawl on the news clip to the bio that goes up on screen for each character.

I don't think it's that Behrad doesn't do much; he just makes it look easy. It's clear he's been using his totem powers since forever; he can just blow things out of the way.

I'm a bit disappointed that Mona is leaving because I feel like this episode was the first one where they actually got a grip on the character. She's been working a lot, though; she played Ramona on Santa Clarita Diet and has a lead in another TV show, Never Have I Ever.

I really liked what they did with Ava in this episode. Having her frustrated with her own ability to talk about feelings, and her struggles to manage, well, everything? Those were all things I identify with heavily. Also the rapport she's developed with Mick is hilarious.

It was a little thing, but showing Ray being upset because he exploded Rasputin was accurate for the character. I hope he can internalize that he didn't kill Rasputin, just disabled him.

"You, an evil mastermind from Hell, want to hypnotize me? Yeah, let's do this!" is 110% on brand for Nate. (And honestly, having Behrad on board with him makes me wonder just how many drugs have been consumed on the Waverider.)

This did a great job of showing Sara's post-Crisis emotional struggle, as well as some coping mechanisms that seem very real-life to me. And wow, that one-shot fight scene!
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That was fun. I liked how goofy Rasputin acted. But not using the Boney M song at some point was a missed opportunity (maybe it would have been too expensive).

I expected to need time getting to like Behrad, but I liked him right away. Not sad to see Mona go. Nothing against the actor, they just never figured out what to do with her.

And on that note...

And did anyone even care that the equally useless Charlie had one scene and then was absent from the rest of the ep? I sure didn't - the actress is fine, but the character is terrible and could also be written out as far as I'm concerned.

My sentiments exactly. It would be funny if that was her whole schtick thing forward. Every episode, just as the new mission emerges, she takes off to go do yoga or laundry or something.

I'm looking forward to seeing how they find Zari.
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The CW channel here in NJ preempted tonight's Legends for the State of the Union address, even though the programming guide had 'Miss Me, Kiss Me, Love Me' in the listings, and I see TV Line already has a recap up. Not sure when it will get rescheduled for broadcast for or if I'll have to watch it via on-demand or something tomorrow, so, if it aired already for anyone else and you want to start the thread, please feel free.
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