Batwoman: An Un-Birthday Present
January 26, 2020 6:19 PM - Season 1, Episode 11 - Subscribe

On the Kane sisters' birthday, Kate and Alice contend with demons from the past, and an unexpected guest makes a surprise appearance in Gotham.
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They certainly aren't letting any grass grow under their feet when it comes to dealing with the aftereffects of Crisis. I must say, I'm definitely a fan of the rapid pace, especially given how long and drawn out some of the Arrowverse properties have been when it comes to advancing their plots.
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I enjoyed this. I like Normal Beth and how that all worked. I hope they don't eliminate Normal Beth any time soon.

I wanted to roll my eyes at "we don't call for help because Batwoman came out," but I guess they had to do it.
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Oh yeah, and I liked "Drunk Mary Figures Out The Multiverse" and "oh, just spout some Alice in Wonderland crap already."
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This was just a solid episode. If they can do this 4 times out of 5 I will be thrilled.
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i was really holding my breath for !Beth's life. Arrowverse has a habit of introducing characters like her who die in one episode. I'm glad she's at least going to get to live for now. I was expecting them to use her to create a "confession" video that will exonerate the Commander, but with Alice on the loose and that dimensional-headache thing, who knows. However, the Brainies on Supergirl didn't get that headache, but that could be due to them not being human?
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I fell in love with this notion when Trollhunters introduced a character, a changeling replacing Enrique as "Not Enrique"
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I really want Mary to be brought into the Batcave fold by the end of the season. Like, really really. I'll be very frustrated if she's not.

!Beth is a great character and I do not want them to kill her off. On Stargate, when there was someone from an alternate universe who had a double, they would become dimensionally unstable after a couple of days. I wonder if, in this case, !Beth and Alice might wind up somehow merging into one person. Which could create its own complications.

If they want to reveal !Beth they can always frame it with an Elizabeth Smart-style story. Although the fact that she's an astrophysicist might make that a bit problematic.

I figure there's a couple of ways they can go with this.
1. !Beth and Alice merge and become Red Alice (in the comics, Alice receives psychological treatment and becomes Red Alice. Who saves Kate when Kate is seduced by a vampire. I'm kinda hoping they don't do the vampire storyline.)
2. Alice becomes Red Alice, !Beth becomes Flamebird/Hawkfire (the superhero alter ego that Kathy Kane's niece Bette Kane takes on in the comic books)
3. Alice dies, !Beth becomes Flamebird/Hawkfire

I guess option 4 is that Mary decides she wants to become Flamebird and we get the "Batwoman's Superhero Bootcamp" plotline...which could be fun!
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I think over on Arrow we were doing !Laurel for Earth 2 evil Laurel / Black Siren, and it stuck even after she turned good, so it's been convenient to use "!" for anyone not from Earth Prime when there's only one alternate.
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