Batwoman: Take Your Choice
February 16, 2020 6:18 PM - Season 1, Episode 12 - Subscribe

With the hunt for Alice heating up, Kate faces a difficult decision.
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From a narrative point of view, this outcome makes the most sense. It leaves Batwoman with a nemesis. It leaves Alice knowing that Kate didn't choose her. It has Kate grieving (at separate times) for both Beth and Alice. It leaves Kate still feeling like she let Beth fall again but in new ways. I can't say it's an ending I saw coming, but it's a strong one.
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I also saw this coming, but I seriously thought it was going to be someone more familiar that ends up killing Beth, like Sophie or Mary being tricked or something, not with Campbell killing her thinking it's Alice.

I was kinda disappointed that Mary didn't think to move the phone away from Alice, and that Kate couldn't dodge/block that metal tray (maybe she's in too much shock).

Poor Beth though, I knew she wasn't going to survive the minute she appeared.
posted by numaner at 12:58 PM on February 18, 2020

oh wait, the multiple Brainiac 5s on Supergirl didn't have this issue of cellular degeneration. Was it because of their different genetic makeup, that they didn't actually hang around all that long, or some other comic-book hand-wavy thing?
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What numaner said. I knew she'd bite it, but I liked the dynamics of having two of them so much. Sigh.
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This was SOOOO well executed. I was really hoping they'd find a way to keep her around. There are enough ways they could have plugged comic book things in to her character, by giving her many of Betty Kane's attributes. I know everyone else on this thread is like "oh, knew she was gonna die," but at the end they ACTUALLY had me believing she'd make it.

Really great performances all around. Really good jobs of showing that the villains have gone through terrible things and have desperate needs without absolving them for their crimes. This was a really exceptional episode and I hope it's a sign for the future.
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