Supernatural: The Gamblers
January 30, 2020 7:46 PM - Season 15, Episode 11 - Subscribe

Sam and Dean press their luck in a winner-takes-all game of pool. Meanwhile, Castiel hunts down a would-be murderer, but not for reasons one might think.
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I'd disagree with the EW recap. I didn't think this was slow. I felt like the pool hall had some character, it was a fun place. I don't know diddly about pool and generally don't much care about it, but this kept me interested so that's saying something. And it's great to have Jack back! My only real quibble was Cas heading off to find Jack without at least calling the Winchesters first! Admittedly they may well have left Alaska immediately to help find Jack, which would have thrown the whole plot into disarray. But with the Winchesters' lousy luck, they could have a 5-second scene with the call not going through because they're getting crappy reception!

I also thought it was weird that the waitress was the one to come out and tell the brothers they were all free, instead of the luck goddess doing it herself. Maybe they thought it would be more emotional to have the waitress say they were free, but instead it made it all seem a little distant and second hand, like the goddess actor wasn't available or something.

I know she's become kind of a fan fave, but I still think Billie's up to no good. Chuck's current motives are kind of vague (I've complained about this before) so if Billie wants him dead we'll need some reason why. I doubt it's because she's pissed he's planning to take the Winchesters before their time, since she's made it very clear she wants the bros gone too!
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Pool is one of those things that is hard to make dynamic for watching on TV or Film. But they managed alright, I think. It's certainly wasn't as dragged out as some other pool movies where they analyze every other shot to give you the tension. Here it was more like "yeah he's gonna win/lose, don't worry about the details", so it actually flowed with the plot.

I think part of Fortuna's not giving the boys her message herself is to convey that elusive Goddess persona, like most of them like to do. That's fine with me, it felt more personal coming from Evie anyway.

The last few episodes have emphasized how the boys are "heroes" more so than past seasons. I wonder if they'll get a heroes' ending.

I'm also glad Jack is back, but it was a little disturbing watching him eat Grigori hearts. But I guess you gotta do what you gotta do to kill God.

Billie's clearly trying to be the next God, and honestly, good for her.
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Yeah, the downplaying of the actual pool games really helped. There was tension in each game, but the focus was more on the lead-up and aftermath. I really don't like it when a show bases a whole episode around poker or chess or some other game where I really don't care and don't know all the rules, and they go all in on the details of the game and somebody puts down a hand or makes a move and we're supposed to just know if it's good or bad. I never know, so I have to guess who's winning based on how worried or smug people look.

The mysterious Fortuna ending would have been better conveyed if the bar had vanished or something, or at least if Evie had said Fortuna had told them the message and then vanished. I felt like Fortuna was still in the bar but just wasn't bothering to come out and give the message herself for some reason.

I've said it before, but I have a hunch that we'll see the original Death before the series it out. So, maybe Billie reaps Chuck, intending to take his Godhood herself, then OG Death shows up and reaps her. Then... Jack becomes God? That'd be weird, because Jack is such a naive little pup and he really needs the guidance of Cas and the bros... and I have a feeling that however this plays out, Cas and the Winchesters won't all be left standing at the series' end. Like, they'll save the day but Cas will die or one of the brothers will die or be locked in another universe or something. This show's ending will be bittersweet. I doubt Amara will be the new God, but maybe. She doesn't seem too drawn to the job.

I think it's only this show's relative obscurity that keeps it from being a huge TV scandal with picketers and prayer circles and stuff. Like, we have the good guys talking every week about how they've gotta kill God... Old Testament God, the father of Lucifer and everything! The CW must get some very interesting letters.
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My only real quibble was Cas...

I often watch with closed captions on, and Cas is always written as Cass. This has always bothered me. It's Cas! His name is Castiel, not CasStiel. So I was much aggrieved to see it written out as Cass in Sam's note.

Jack was totally off, right? That wasn't just me? He seems to have embraced his lack of soul. He was just so cold, and now he can take down Grigori single-handed without his powers? What did Billie do to him in The Empty?

Also, wasn't it OG Death who said he was going to eventually reap God one day? I'm not sure if Billie has a reason other than it just being a thing that's going to happen. Although given what Fortuna said about Chuck's creation of the gods humans made, maybe Death, whoever is currently in that role, has a grudge, too.
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I'm hoping the brothers will just get to relax in heaven, handing monster hunting duties to a new generation of Men/People of Letters equipped to keep them at bay (and not like the faux future visions Chuck gave Sam).
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I could see them upgrading Sam and Dean into angels or minor gods at the end. We know there's a big angel shortage and I think we were told before that a nephilim could somehow make new ones. So maybe Jack can turn the Winchesters into angels or assistant gods and they can help him run things on Earth when he becomes the new god (which is what I think should happen.) I'd like to see some people like Kevin and Benny brought back and turned into angels too.
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Dean: [puts a handful of change on the counter] What can we get for, uh, $4.60?
Waitress: Um, a slice of pie and a cup of coffee?
Dean: Two forks. [to Sam] Damn it, I was hoping for a cheeseburger.
Sam: You can’t even digest cheese anymore.

Dean: Man, I've been slinging pool cues since before you were born.
Sam: What? When you were four? Really? What, between nap time and snack?

Moira: So, why do you need this luck so bad? Liver failure?
Sam: Accursed by God.
Moira: Life's a bitch, then you die.
Dean: The God... literally cursed us.
Moira: You've met?
Dean: Yeah. Little guy, squirrelly as hell.
Moira: Yeah, that's him.


According to a behind the scenes crew member, Jensen Ackles actually did the jump pool shot that Dean makes on the first try.

Continuing the long tradition of using music stars alias, Castiel claims he's "Agent Lizzo".

The song that opens the episode is "North to Alaska" by country music legend Johnny Horton.

This episode was the first time Davy Perez and Meredith Glynn collaborated to write an episode.

When Fortuna takes her first shot, while playing her first game with Sam, she sinks the 4-ball (purple). Two shots later, you can see the 4-ball back on the table as she sinks the 7-ball (maroon) in the side.

Castiel remembers Tamiel explaining about the angel swords and the Grigori. However, Tamiel told Sam this, not Castiel, as he was not even on the property when this conversation occurred. ("Angel Heart", ep. 10.20).
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The idea of those two big guys mowing down on a single piece of pie... oh dear.

It's Cas! His name is Castiel, not CasStiel.

Nicknames are usually written phonetically, i.e., Mike not Mich. I always spell it Cass.
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