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For me it'd just been too long since the Maya stuff. Her whole history was kind of a haze for me and I felt like I should've boned up by hitting the wikis first. I had the feeling the deal with swapping Mayas was something they had planned for the spinoff, and it would've worked better as something they teased out over a season or two. We could've had a fun recurring thing checking with the original Maya as she struggled to survive in the Bad World or whatever they were calling it. The shadowy glowing eye dudes seemed like something intended for the spinoff, too. There were bigger plans for those guys. I'm STILL pissed we'll never see that show. Chuck's very meta line about "failed spin-offs" stung, because I was like, they never even gave Wayward Sisters a chance, damn it!

It seems like they're going full-evil with Chuck. It feels a little forced to me, like blowing up worlds while he sips a Slurpee doesn't quite fit the affable, sad sack guy we always knew. It's not that I can't believe he'd ever get this bad, more that the transition seems a bit abrupt. Him gently telling the Radio Shed kid he'd be fine and then flattening the place with a meteor was just... weird. I guess Chuck didn't have the stones to look the kid in the eyes and tell him his world was doomed?

It seems the people who were saying Billie would eventually be on the side of the Winchesters were right. I'm really surprised about that, since it seemed like the show was really selling her as a sinister character. I still won't be surprised if she betrays them before the finale, though.

We're back to Jack ostensibly having no soul while he spends a lot of time fretting about doing the right thing. And it doesn't seem to be an abstract thought experiment to him, he really wants to be good. Here he was ready to fuck everything up to save one girl, because he felt guilty. A lot of folks with souls aren't as nice as Jack is without one!
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Maya? You mean Kaia? I'm glad they didn't kill her off, as so many female characters have suffered on this show. And the revisit didn't feel too farfetched since we just saw Dark Kaia last season, and after they convinced her to give them the spear and then it got destroyed we haven't heard from her. It was about time she came around asking for it back.

I don't think it's a stretch that Chuck is that bad. He's petty and selfish and immature and was only benevolent to his favorite characters. And when he's less immature, he's basically just an asshole, like what he did with the Radio Shed kid. Telling him "you'll be fine" is not him lying out of cowardice, it's him just being a dick. We saw this side of him when he was berated by Amara before she left him trapped on Earth-Prime.

I'm not sure if Billie is on the side of the Winchesters more than she's on the side of the books, and the books say the Winchesters help her kill God. But yeah, she probably knows this will involve their deaths and isn't showing them all the cards.

I'm pretty excited to see how they end this. At least it's one thing to look forward to every week instead of the pandemic.
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Kaia, yeah. That's how much of an impression the poor kid made on me. Again, she felt like a character with a big sprawling story that we only glimpsed.

I feel like, until recently, Chuck's villainy was still kind of hazy. Like, when he poofed away Becky's family, he told her they weren't dead. It was like, even as he did frightening things, they were still mitigating the horror, taking pains to make him seem not totally evil. And now he's casually blowing up planets! I can believe he'd get here but I feel like the escalation was a little fast.
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