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It came up in the Picard threads that the crew of the USS MetaFilter has yet to instantiate a TNG watchthrough. Currently, Cheeses and Jack are helming the last season of ENT, and of course PIC is underway as well. I think ENT should be wrapped before PIC is over, so it would seem time to boldly go where no threads have gone before.

This is a planning and discussion thread for the potential project.

I was really surprised to see that we do not have a TNG rewatch that I could find. I think it and TAS are the only outstanding pieces of the official franchise we have not tackled.

Let the Earl Grey be summoned from the replicators!

I think I would be pretty likely to do a Duffer's Guide for TNG too, there's sure enough lists from various places to get a selection.
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I will happily be one of the regular posters for TNG, even if (I stress if) the resulting time constraints compel me to hand over my half of PIC posting duties to somebody else.

I agree that it should start after ENT is done. Probably pretty soon after.

It should be noted that it'll likely have to be a twice-a-week thing, as VOY was, if there's to be any hope of getting through them all before the eschaton.

(The last Talk thread like this, for reference and nostalgia.)
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Thanks, I had missed that. It led me to the sad answer to my curiosity about what mordax was up to lately. Hope he’s doing well. His commentary was so incredibly valuable.
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I wholeheartedly approve of this endeavor.
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I will of course be down for following and commenting on this, as with all things Trek, although I don't want to do posts unless it's direly required for pinch-hitting for the regular posters; after co-posting for most of DS9, all of VOY, and now a big chunk of ENT (and Short Treks, although at least they were short), I'm more than happy to hand over my helm duty shift and be one of those anonymous officers in the background, doing whatever. (Galaga?)
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make it so.
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I dropped out of watching ENT on first airing, but I super enjoyed reading the ENT threads here!

Caught bits and pieces of TNG in my pre-teens (but mostly watched TOS when stuck at parents' friends' houses during visits). I was 16 when season 7 aired. Somewhere along the way, I managed to watch the syndicated shows (cable TV! no TIVO/ PVR, no streaming) and caught up with the air dates - my mom understood how much I loved TNG and - once a week (new episode) - would let me watch while eating dinner in the living room while the rest of the family was having dinner in the kitchen/ dining room. She'd even make a 'Western' or 'set' dinner (on Wednesdays?) so I could take dinner to the living room instead of the regular Cantonese family style dinner.

Either the station was weird, the taping was weird, or the Sony Trinitron was weird - the opening credit would have a weird blue tinge/ artifact on the (upper) left edge of the screen.

Rewatched a large chunk of TNG (no artifact) when I was unemployed and spiraling into oblivion around 2002 and some channel (scifi?) had an episode a day at like 10am or something (preceded by an episode of TOS, followed by DS9 then VOY, followed by Xena and Brisco and stuff like that).

Or something. I would wake up, coffee, a couple beer watching an ep of TOS, another few beer with TNG, then ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ maybe food? Or TNG would be my alarm clock to get out of bed, if I was too hung over from the night before.

Sometime in the late 00's I bought a boxed set from eBay, ended up being a pirate copy (in retrospect, of course) and rewatched the entire run. Donated that (and all my other physical media) to a friend who had a cabin "up North" without great connectivity but reliable electricity a couple/ three years ago.


Not sure I have the patience these days to completely rewatch TNG - in retrospect there were a lot of stinker episodes and even some good episodes don't really stand up to modern TV.

But damn, there were some really great ones.

Rewatched the S07 season finale ('All Good Things') a few days ago and a couple of better rated S07 episodes.

I'd be in, but unlikely to be prolific - the 'Leverage' rewatch has been fun.


Then again, it's even odds that my company will fold at the end of Feb from chronic mismanagement and hubristic inebriated egos and wipe out my equity - sweat and cash - so I might have a bunch of time on my hands.
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Mebbe fast forward through the first season?
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Mebbe fast forward through the first season?

There will be days when this is tempting, to be sure. But a rewatch is a rewatch. If I'm gonna put myself through "Code of Honor"—which I've seen exactly once, when it first aired, and thus forgotten most of—then the rest of you are gonna be put through it too. Misery loves company, as the MST3K community knows very well.
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Yeah, I’m down with the whole thing. My last rewatch I started with s03, and as I learned earlier this year, that meant I missed “Measure of a Man”. So for me, s01 & s02 will be sort of new, mostly having not seen them since initial airing!

That said, I am looking forward to the Duffer’s Guide project for TNG quite a bit.
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Not sure I have the patience these days to completely rewatch TNG - in retrospect there were a lot of stinker episodes and even some good episodes don't really stand up to modern TV.

Give it a try; you might be surprised. I rewatched TNG front to back a few years ago and I found it a very rewarding experience. There's a lot of really subtle continuity work that's done that means that TNG is more than the sum of its parts.

I'd definitely be down for this!
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"Farpoint" is up!

I and mwhybark agreed upon a Tuesday/Friday (respectively) schedule.
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sweet, so now for a while it’s Westwhirl, then Takes from the Loop, then Divs, then TNG and

or something like that.
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also sometime this spring Imma get going on a TNG Duffer’s Guide with similar methodologies to priors. Might strongarm cortex into picking his top N, which should be fun.
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