Into the Dark: My Valentine
February 7, 2020 4:51 PM - Season 2, Episode 5 - Subscribe

A singer's attempt to return to performing has surprising consequences.

Valentine Fawkes, whose songs and artistic identity were stolen by her ex-boyfriend/manager, decides to start performing again. Her ex, with his new girlfriend, confront Valentine about her return to the stage after a show.
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Despite most of the film being fairly solid, it takes a disappointing turn in the final act. I do give the movie credit for illustrating how even an individual who is perceived as powerful (like a pop star) can still be victimized. And how even fame itself has its toxic elements.

One of the biggest issues is I had was 5 characters who have a lot of weight in the first act quickly vanishing after that, which I think is a shame. The three "super fans" could have easily been brought in for the final act. And the bickering band/couple seemed, initially, to be there as a parallel between Royal and Valentine's relationship/collaboration. But then their relationship is fine. As a counter measure against the toxicity of fame, Valentine's liberation could have rippled through these characters showing how fame can also be used in constructive ways as well.

This episode made me realize, however, how often Into the Dark uses abusive and toxic relationships as a focal point. I'm pretty impressed with the range of the episodes-they do justice to how many different ways toxicity can manifest and that's pretty impressive.
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Also if you decide to watch the songs are super ear wormy so ff or skip.
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