Into the Dark: Crawlers
March 13, 2020 7:55 AM - Season 2, Episode 6 - Subscribe

A St Patrick's Day pub crawl is already harrowing, but it becomes even more so when aliens strike.

What better time for aliens to attack than St Patrick's Day? Being drunk makes college students easy pickings for aliens who have been laying low in a college town since the 70s.

Roger Ebert:

"Nothing is scarier than drunk idiots. If you’ve ever been caught up in a holiday-themed pub crawl like takes place near Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day, you know how downright terrifying it can be. This truth is one of the foundations of the latest chapter of Hulu’s series of original horror films, “Into the Dark: Crawlers,” which has an ‘80s vibe but modern things to say about gender roles and believing women."
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I gotta disagree with Ebert in a major way here. I love Night of the Comet, but this is no Night of the Comet. While I appreciate the social message, I found the movie unwatchable. For me that's a rarity. i usually will stay with a movie till the bitter end, but I finally gave up about an hour in. I just couldn't anymore.

And for me that moment was in the car when Misty confronts Aaron about how he isn't a "good guy" if he hangs out with "bad guys" and says nothing when they drug and rape women.

The confrontation is totally valid, but what happens next.... Aaron immediately accepts what Misty says and apologizes. And just like that she accepts it and moves on.'s gonna take more than some lip service for me to accept that you totally were fine with someone drugging and raping another person. So while I appreciate Ebert's noticing the Believe All Women point, that moment totally undercut everything for me.

In addition, the "framing" device of the film (it's narrated by another character) is super annoying and totally unnecesary.

So basically, while I appreciate the message if you want to watch a horror movie about drunk people battling something, go for Grabbers instead.
posted by miss-lapin at 8:05 AM on March 13, 2020

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