Legends of Tomorrow: Slay Anything
February 11, 2020 7:38 PM - Season 5, Episode 3 - Subscribe

The Legends discover a new Encore, and Sara, Rory, and Ava end up crashing a high school reunion to attempt to stop a serial killer, while Nate, Ray, Nora, Behrad, and Zari try to intervene earlier in the timeline.
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This was definitely a come-down after the last one, but even so, there were so many nice character interactions, especially between Ray and Norah, Nora and her red-headed charge, Ava and the team, Ava and Sara, Zari and her brother, even Mick and his prom date. I must admit, I was a bit dismayed to see Mick flambéd. I really started hoping that Ray isn't the only old regular with a planned departure. I do hope, however, that Mick's reunion is the spark he needs to start writing again, maybe under his own name.
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My tivo is calling this episode 3, but since last week's episode went up as #3, and imdb is calling this #4, I guess I'll go flag the first two episodes to be re-numbered.

Very glad they went with the killer-mom plot twist. As in-character as it is for Ray to want to try to reform the bad guy, I was cringing at the prospect of the show ending up at a "be nicer to creepy guys and they won't go on murder sprees" place.
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it's so weird to me that it's 2020 now. Whenever the time label on screen says "2020" I think we're seeing a future scene.
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oh yeah! this is episode 3. You should ask to change the last one and this one to be 2 and 3. IMDB is wrong, as it can be since it's all user submitted info that can be unverified. Officially the Crisis episode is not numbered, and I think what we did for FanFare, including it as season 4, is fine. (although according to wikipedia and CW's own site it's coded as episode 8 for some reason.)
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The irony is that it still came down to them more overtly intervening in the past (Behrad taking down Kathy Meyer) to save the present, rather than nudging someone onto a different path.

Great to see Charlie and Nora again though! But I hope Charlie gets more to do soon. Also, I wonder how Nora's Fairy Godmother powers will be resolved since she and Ray won't be on the show after this season. Does it get passed onto someone that won't turn evil? Will it just "die" with her somehow?
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oh wait, I'm calling it: Astra redeems herself and becomes the next Fairy Godmother.
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That would certainly be a twist, and one I'd love to see them pull off.

Maybe Nora doesn't lose her powers. Maybe Ray gets similar ones, or becomes her assistant. They certainly played up Nora's maternal instincts and feelings in this episode, so if the pair doesn't go off to create a brood of Darhk-Palmers, maybe this is the way they scratch their parental itch.
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I don't like serial killer/slasher stuff, but this was done well.

I don't want Ray and Nora to go. This was excellent use of them, but especially her and her new powers. I'd have reservations about "how to get a serial killer not to kill" plots, but they made it work. And I like how the prom date turned out to be nice, how Freddy didn't use the fairy godmother for evil, how Nora related to him, etc.

The mom being a killer was quite a twist.

Charlie! You're not gone! Kewl.

Zari figuring out how to program and being a "bad bitch" is promising.

I loved how Mick got a love interest, and the group photo ops.
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This was definitely a come-down after the last one

No accounting for tastes I guess, last week should've been one I loved and it just didn't quite get there for me, they didn't quite nail the atmosphere IMO, but I thought this episode was just flat-out amazing and delightful from start to finish.

As in-character as it is for Ray to want to try to reform the bad guy, I was cringing at the prospect of the show ending up at a "be nicer to creepy guys and they won't go on murder sprees" place.

I was so confident right from the beginning that the obvious killer would turn out not to be the actual killer that I spent a lot of the episode cycling through other possible killers. The (original) final girl seemed a little too direct-ripoff-from-AHS and got eliminated early but Mick's old flame was a briefly promising suspect. The mom was the obvious choice but it still worked well especially in giving Nora an opportunity to relate to the poor kid even harder.
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As someone who hated high school this episode had me in cringing. The prom bits where we went from expectations of Halloween to getting Napoleon Dynamite bothered me. Partly because Napoleon Dynamite is a film that I have complicated reactions to and mostly because the idea that all it takes for high school experiences to not be a load of trauma and pain is a Fairy Godmother. But all the nods to Freddy, Michael Myers, Carrie, podcasts (remember to use the promo code, 'Laceration,'), "I'm the final girl," , and so much of the episode but everything works in context. Not my favorite episode defiantly one that demonstrates these folks know how to walk a line that allows for comedy, drama, horror, and connection.

I will miss Brandon Routh esp. the Ray and Nate dynamic that will go with him. The bit where Nora and Ray link arms to inevitably be joined by Nate made me just a little sad.

Mick is still my favorite character though. Pay attention to the steady hand that never seems to get overwhelmed, except when a telekinetic killing machine has the audacity to send his beloved fire back at him.
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I had to pause the episode and giggle when we arrived in "Northumberland County, UK". Still, probably for the best that John and Charlie were allowed to skip the American high school stuff.

Can't remember much about the fairy-godmother rules from last season, but it seems like despite the dicey start, Freddy was less soul-draining than all her charges so far?
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Maybe. Did he get his pony?
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