Legends of Tomorrow: A Head of Her Time
February 18, 2020 7:40 PM - Season 5, Episode 4 - Subscribe

When Sara is called away on business, she leaves Ava in charge and Ava tries to impress the team as they try to take on their latest Encore, Marie Antionette. With Zari still on the ship, Behrad convinces the team to bring her along on the mission which they all hope isn't a mistake. Meanwhile, Constantine finally confronts someone from his past with the help of Charlie, which leads him on a journey through his past.
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One of the recaps seemed to think Sara's 'mission in Star City' was a mystery, but, I'm assuming it was just her trip to 2050 to bring Mia to the Arrow finale funeral, no?
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No idea. You'd figure that if Sara's mission was picking up Mia, she'd have said, "I'm off to Oliver's funeral" but instead she was vague. Of course for reasons of continuity and serialization, it makes sense not to mention Oliver.

I only caught about two-thirds of this episode (I plan to go back at some point and watch the bits I missed) but I hated the hammy French accents, and I have no idea why Marie was played by the same actress who plays Nora.

Outside of Marie's body belonging to somebody who looks like Nora, Ray had no reason to prevent Mick from frying her. It has been established nothing the Legends can do can kill the Encores.

I liked Zari coming into her own, and I liked her relationship with Ava, and it looks like John had some interesting scenes (I think I missed most of his stuff), but overall I wasn't too impressed by this episode. Maybe I'll feel differently once I fill in the pieces I missed, but I kind of doubt it.
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Why is Ava, former leader of the Time Bureau, afraid to lead? Hmm.

But that said, Party Girl Zari did well in this episode, and I liked how she and Ava bonded.

No clue on the "Marie" thing whatsoever, sigh.

Kinda zoning during the Constantine plots right now though.
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I assume Nora and Marie looking a like will be a thing later. And I think it was just a reason to put Courtney Ford in fun costumes in her last season with the show.

I was also not sure why Ray didn't let Mick roast Marie's body either...

I think Ava was afraid to lead because she blames herself for the Time Bureau shutting down, although it seemed like most of that was out of her control. But being unsure of leading a new team when you just joined is a real thing, so it's believable.

I liked John's parts, actually. It provided a real look into his past and his inner psyche, a particularly raw moment was when he admitted he brought Natalie back just to show her that magic was worth their relationship. And it made me care more for him when Astra had him presumably killed at the end.
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In the crossover it seemed they were making a push toward a Superfriends thing. I'm calling it - Behrad and Zari are going to end up being the Wonder Twins.

I thought this was a fun episode. I don't know whether there's a reason Marie Antoinette looked like Nora other than "Courtney's on payroll, let's use her" but I'm okay with that.

I liked DJ S'mores.

I sure don't know why Ray would be so winded from running from the ready room to the galley.
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I liked DJ S'mores.

I wondered if there was some kind of stunt-casting in-joke with DJ S'mores since we never saw the actor's face, but, I didn't recognize the voice, and the imdb cast credit (Ryan Bell) says he's only done this episode and a 2014 movie.
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I sure don't know why Ray would be so winded from running from the ready room to the galley.

when all you ever do is fly around in an exo suit, physical tasks gets tiring, ok??
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I loved DJ $'mores.

I liked this episode, but I really wish someone would, I dunno, make use of Nate's history degree? As someone who studied history, the fact that they're not letting him do some History Expert stuff is making me incredibly frustrated.

(Also, there are many people involved in the French Revolution who would be more appropriate to be an Encore than Marie Antoinette, who was more oblivious than evil. But I digress.)

I loooooved Zari's flashback with the donut. Also that Behrad is giving her clothes she hates, which are Zari 1.0 clothes. And I liked Zari and Ava getting some moments. I can understand Ava having confidence issues right now. She didn't do this kind of field work, the Legends are a lot more off-the-cuff than she's comfortable with, and losing the Time Bureau has really cut her knees out from under her.

I am enjoying the Constantine stuff. It really has the vibe of the comic book. 17-year-old me would have killed to see this stuff on my TV. And YAY, Charlie finally gets a thing!
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