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Singles who want to be loved for who they are, rather than what they look like, have signed up for a less conventional approach to modern dating.
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Ok so my wife started watching this and it is ridiculous. I made this a full season post even though only the first part has been released, but I don't think it matters much.

So I am obviously on team Cameron and Lauren, but every couple in the show is great.
posted by Literaryhero at 9:39 PM on February 18, 2020

I have my doubts about all of the couples tbh but Giannina is my favourite. I was about to say I don't have anything of substance to contribute but...substance, really? Ha.
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I feel like their job titles are just made up by a neural network. Like what exactly is a "scientist" or "regional manager"? Of what?!
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Ex tank mechanic
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Ok the second set of episodes is so ridiculous. I wish I wasn't the only person watching this. The people seem like they are just drunk as shit all the time (and Jessica is definitely always drunk). Wow Barnett's birthday party.
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So much yikes. I've watched some of the new episodes now, not all. I mean, who knew Damian was so religious? And Amber's debt? They must have selected for this sort of time bomb kind of thing.
posted by wellred at 11:30 AM on February 21, 2020

I mean, who knew Damian was so religious?

I feel like the editing team deliberately tried to make G look bad and Damian look good but he is a frigging nightmare. She needs to run.

Also yeah Amber rolls into Barnett's house and is like "this is mine now". Wild.

And Jessica, sometimes I am like what a disaster, but other times I am feeling that she is actually being reasonable.

I hate myself for it, but I love this show. Also the editing is top notch. Mark is pouring his heart out about his and Jessica's true love, and then a cut to Barnett just standing there staring like WTF!? Hahahaha.
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I am glad I’m not the only one watching this. I liked when Mark recreated the pods for Jessica since she likes him more when she can’t see him.
posted by dianeF at 4:57 PM on February 21, 2020

Two episodes in and I am so sick of Barnett! Ugh!
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Two episodes in and I am so sick of Barnett!

I felt that way too, but he actually started to grow on me later.

I liked when Mark recreated the pods for Jessica since she likes him more when she can’t see him.

It is so painful to watch. Especially because we the viewers are privy to Jessica's true thoughts and obviously Mark is oblivious but he is so nice and he is trying so hard, but please why can't he read the writing on the wall?!

I am still team Cameron and Lauren, but I feel like her worries are fabricated. I mean Cameron is good looking, tall, rich (his house is unreal anyway), and like the nicest person I have ever seen in my life, (and I guess their uhhh physical chemistry is good, after the hilarious conversation Lauren had with her friend) so I get it that things are moving quickly, but sometimes you just hit the jackpot. (Not that he is out of her league, Lauren seems nearly perfect as well)
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Carlton is vile for playing a classic narc game (edit after edit: ‘I’m so worried about telling my future wife about my sexuality’ vs to her in Mexico, ‘no other woman has cared about it, it’s no biggie’ and doing violent gestures in her face and calling her a bitch) ugh.
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What’s up with Kevin and Kelly? All of a sudden she says she’s not physically attracted to him. Before that, I thought they were getting along the best once they all got back to Atlanta.
Also, it makes me feel sad for Jessica when she flips her hair around to be sexy.
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Carlton is vile for playing a classic narc game

I didn't want to comment on it because I'm afraid that the editing purposefully made him look bad (something Nick Lachey knows all about) and also his beard is so shiny and nice.

What’s up with Kevin and Kelly?

Their families are so nice and got along so well together and they are so boringly normal that I feel like we need some kind of drama, but her not being attracted to him (tall, handsome, beard, also rich I think) seems weird. I mean you are under no obligation to be attracted to anyone, obviously, but he seems to check all the right boxes. He is like a Cameron light.

As for Jessica, I hate to be so judgmental because I would hate people to judge me, but she did put herself out there by being on this show. I mean she looks like a rode hard and put away wet 34. I mean she is beautiful but I would have guessed that she was 40. She must either really drink a lot or spend a ton of time in the sun without sunscreen or something.
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I had the same thought about Jessica, I think she might be lying about her age. And what is the deal with the ‘weddings?’ From the ‘Love is Blind’ type of things the officiant said, I got the sense Damian and G’s wedding was not legally binding, but just for the show. I’m sure I could Google about it, but researching this show doesn’t make me feel good.
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There’s something so pure and wonderful about the first season of a reality show that works. Future seasons are tainted by what people have seen, but the first season is a blank slate and you get to see the participants deal with the unknown. I am enjoying this show a lot and probably won’t be able to love future seasons as much.
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And Amber's debt?

Watching her flip on a dime from “my student loans are in deferment” to “I WORK TO LIVE NOT LIVE TO WORK” was truly amazing, and it’s a shame Barnett isn’t more of a fighter because that could have been an amaaaazing fight.
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Watching her flip on a dime from “my student loans are in deferment” to “I WORK TO LIVE NOT LIVE TO WORK” was truly amazing, and it’s a shame Barnett isn’t more of a fighter because that could have been an amaaaazing fight.

Like what kind of job does she even have? I have so many questions about all of the people on the show.
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Several of these people are just like nonstop red flags. I feel like maybe we should try to introduce the green to the contestants in season 2.
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Can we all agree that Rory from the pods was a producer?

Also, Diamond crying her eyelashes off. This show is better than the original Temptation Island, and that’s high praise for me.

Thank god the finale is 2 hours. I feel like there’s so much left.
posted by gladly at 9:57 AM on February 24, 2020

Rory wasn’t! But lots of people thought he was! He played therapist to everyone.

Apparently, two additional couples also got engaged but were not invited to Mexico to continue filming because the production team was expecting fewer couples to get engaged. Like two couples instead of eight. They were in shock. Rory was in one of those extra unfilmed couples, and they went and did their own trip, but the engagement didn’t survive.

I am, however, wondering how heavy-handed the producers were, both with the guidance and with the liquor, especially since several contestants were acting way out of character in service to drama/conflict. Like, Barnett ended up being pretty relaxed and sincere and likeable outside of the pods. And Carlton seemed pretty at peace with his history but (per an article in People) was being urged by the producers to come out, and while he said what he said, I wonder if that was exacerbated by the producers stressing him out about the timing. And Jessica... well.

And the booze! All that booze!
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Yeah if you watch closely they are drinking alcohol basically all the time in the pods and Mexico. It seems to tone down a bit when they go back to Atlanta (aside from the bach parties and Barnett's birthday).

Great call on the producers though, making the contestants drunk all the time. Morally dubious, but it makes for great tv.
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There was nothing to do in the pods but drink and talk to the blue doors. These engagements are a form of Stockholm Syndrome.

Cannot believe that Rory got engaged and we missed it.

I generally got a laugh out of Jessica and Amber, but during “Messica’s” bachelorette chat with Amber, I started to think Amber is a little bit genuinely scary.
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Some discussion on Jessica feeding her dog wine.

Which includes this breakdown tweet:

This is the most dynamic moment of TV I’ve seen in a long time - from Netflix’s “Love is Blind.” A guy telling his fiancé, who he met the week before, that he’s mentally stable while she feeds her dog wine and tells him that she’s not his mom. So much to unwrap in ten seconds.
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How excited are y’all for tomorrow?? All our questions will be answered and we will find out if love is truly blind!
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OR WILL IT since they've announced a reunion special - which is being posted March 5th, on YouTube for reasons I don't understand?
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Well, I have a lot riding on tomorrow’s episode but am excited about the reunion because it means I can spend more time on this.
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I was just talking to my wife about having a follow up. Since the original was filmed in 2018 we have a bit of distance to gain perspective. I am obviously super into this and am dying waiting for the finale to drop, in case you haven't noticed.
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The finale went pretty much as expected for me, how about you guys? I feel saddest for Kelly’s family, who seemed to think Kevin (is that his name?) is the best she will ever do. I think the guys she usually dates are homeless and ponytailed.
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The finale went pretty much as expected for me, how about you guys? I feel saddest for Kelly’s family, who seemed to think Kevin (is that his name?) is the best she will ever do. I think the guys she usually dates are homeless and ponytailed.

Same, modestly let down. Hopefully next week's recap will be better. There were a couple high points, like Amber's aside that she is glad Barnett said yes so she wouldn't have to go to prison, and Messica walking herself down the aisle, laughing and drunk.

I'm really curious about the G and Damian thing, like did I get it wrong? I thought Damian was secretly manipulative and abusive, and that G was just young and liked drama. But the way it ended made it seem like Damian was a decent guy and G was... young and liked drama.
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What I learned from this series: don't date while over-consuming alcohol.

Painful to see people left at the altar. Painful to see people marry! But it's not as if divorce is a big deal, let's just hope they don't immediately have kids.

I am thinking that at the reunion Amber and Barnett will have at least one kid, and are separated. And that Lauren and Cameron are in counseling (or separated).
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I've been stalking Lauren's instagram - she's been posting pictures in "Cameron's house" for months. In December 2019, they got a dog. THEIR LOVE IS PERFECT HOW DARE YOU.

The whole premise for the finale stretches the limits of credibility for me. It's one thing to force a decision, but all the theater? "I had to get all dressed up, and stand in front of everyone I know, and tell this person I love them, while also saying, sorry, can't marry you!" It's a little strange.
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I think Kelly might not be into dudes!

I didn't think it was that exciting either. Sads.
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Kelly seems like a real outdoorsy camp counselor who wouldn’t like me and would make my camp life miserable.
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Is a wall of bottles a design trend I missed? Even their wedding parlour reminded us that Alcohol Is Everything.
The dresses, the worst. I’m surprised they didn’t set themselves on fire with static crackle.

The Messica outcome was a no-brainer. She knew the minute she met Matt she had zero chemistry with him. I could almost hear a Will Arnett voiceover “I made a terrible mistake” the minute the curtain came back. Then she kept making it.
posted by honey-barbara at 2:14 AM on February 29, 2020

I sort of loved Jessica’s stroll up the aisle with no family, no flowers, and chewing gum. I assume she was half in the bag. Like, she was embracing her Messica self and leaning into it.

Ditto, I’ve never like G more than watching her unload a couple chairs in her muddy wedding dress. And Damian deciding that their love wasn’t suited for a long-term commitment was the most sensible thing to ever happen in their relationship.

Kenny handled that break up so well. He’s an excellent host.

Lauren and Cameron were utterly lovely, and I did shed a few tears for Lauren’s dad. He was so moved by her! And Cameron’s quivering chin! I love them. If there’s a second season, I’d cut Nick and Vanessa and have Lauren and Cameron counsel the couples post-pods.
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I never saw the appeal of Giannina.

I also believe that Jessica was lying about her age. Reading articles about this, I found one interview that said she had been telling Matt since Mexico that they weren’t getting married, but the poor kid thought she’d change her mind at the alter.

Also, some 24 year olds can be good parents!

Was hopeful for Kenny and Kelly in a boring, white, attractive way, but came around to thinking they were more like siblings than lovers.

ALL ABOUT LAUREN AND CAMERON. I doubted for a few minutes in the next to last episode, but it seems like they have a genuine connection and relationship.

As for A & B... can’t wait to see what came of their relationship! That match up might be wild enough to work out.
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I'm not going to lie, I've been reading all kinds of articles about the couples and saw a video interview with Giannina and Damian where they were very close to each other (like physically, in the interview). I actually like G, although I feel like she needs a few years to mellow out a bit. I don't know why but I feel like Damian is totally abusive. I mean at the altar her blamed the whole thing on her, which is not cool.
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I can get behind Damien being abusive. Do you think he wanted to humiliate G in retaliation for that terrible talk about him not being good in bed?
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You have to watch Libraryhero's tweet. Jessica is talking emotiobollox with her man and somewhat absentmindedly lets her dog drink wind directly from her glass by lapping then she carries on drinking from the same glass.

Watching Damian on the yacht with G, he does seem like a dick.
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I am here for "Kelly is not into dudes" because the whole pattern of being occasionally infatuated with men but not actually liking having sex with them or being in relationships with them is something I am ... familiar with, let's just say. Also, she'd make a great lesbian.

I binged the entire show this weekend and I'm not even sorry. The men were all extremely forgettable, except for Carlton, who took a sharp left turn in Mexico. And of course poor, blind Mark, who is very sweet and handsome and probably has another girlfriend by now, and thank god Jessica turned him down.

I could have watched another whole episode's worth of Amber scenes. She's that kind of off-the-rails mean girl that is very fun to watch and a total nightmare to actually have in your life. But her mom was so awesome and I bet she'll be cool in about 10 years. She may just need some ADHD meds (speaking from personal experience because that debt convo was, again, familiar).

Lauren and Cameron seem like a legitimately great couple. By which I mean, they actually act like they're on the same team. It's sweet.

I know this is indefensible but I just love GG. Her mom is a LOT though.

Counting down the hours to the reunion ep.
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Mod note: One deleted. Sorry, please rein in the overly-definite proclamations about people being physically abusive; it ends up coming across as almost gleeful gossip, when I'm sure that's not the attitude anyone here would really want to take toward physical abuse.
posted by LobsterMitten (staff) at 8:03 PM on March 2, 2020

Up to Ep.8. Jessica seems incapable of having a conversation about anything other than her emotions. Generally the same conversation. I assume they keep forcing Barnett to keep having conversations with her. I keep being reminded of the protagonist in Airplane boring everyone to death.
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Barnett's dog looks like a keeper though.
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The loveisblindtea Instagram account has a clip of the reunion - Amber going in on Jessica. It's pretty extra but it's great TV!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero at 7:08 AM on March 4, 2020

Better link- YouTube has the full video
posted by ThePinkSuperhero at 7:15 AM on March 4, 2020

Damian at the altar looks like he has tuberculosis. Or at least quite similar to Val Kilmer in Tombstone when he is playing someone with tuberculosis.
posted by biffa at 11:40 AM on March 4, 2020

posted by biffa at 11:42 AM on March 4, 2020

What a shit.

I think they all took the dumping at the altar quite well. My MIL would tear my arms and legs off and beat my with the bloody stumps if I did that.
posted by biffa at 11:51 AM on March 4, 2020

The young priestly dude Kelly/Kenny and Jessica/Mark is a bit slack.
posted by biffa at 12:40 PM on March 4, 2020

Lauren/Cameron's priest is much better.
posted by biffa at 1:00 PM on March 4, 2020

Thoughts on the reunion? Amber looks good as a blond. I like how her boobs are always out and about. Carlton going down on one knee and trying to get the ring on Diamond’s finger was awkward. Lauren looked uncomfortable.
posted by dianeF at 1:04 PM on March 5, 2020

Yeah, it started as a nice gesture but insisting on putting it on the left ring finger was probably not the way to go.

Biggest surprise was Damian and Giannina still being a thing over a year later. I cheated and knew the other two couples were married from fairly early on so that is less of a surprise.

Mark seemed ready and raring to go on making the same mistakes again.

The male host is less interesting and noticeable than wallpaper paste.
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Haha I was going to say the same thing about Nick Lachey. He is like a wet piece of cardboard.
posted by Literaryhero at 2:58 PM on March 5, 2020

My thoughts from the reunion show:

Amber did not cover herself in glory. Jessica was clearly going through some pretty intense shit during filming, and she gave a relatively classy apology, but Amber couldn't just graciously accept it and move on? Get over yourself.

Carlton was awkward and manipulative and my opinion of him (which was already low) plummeted after the ring stunt. Like, you couldn't just hand it back to her? And then when the moment was over, to basically just like, toss the box over his shoulder at Diamond, yuck. I'm glad she very clearly said she would not be open to getting back together with him.

If they bring the show back I really hope they find different hosts. Both the Lacheys have all the charisma of a block of tofu.
posted by catch as catch can at 3:37 PM on March 5, 2020

The male host is less interesting and noticeable than wallpaper paste.

You mean "obviously Nick Lachey"?
posted by lunasol at 3:38 PM on March 5, 2020

Netflix has the full Reunion episode now.

Cheap shot from Carlton, on his knee, forcing the engagement ring on Diamond's finger. I guess she was too shocked to react because ideally a simple: "No, don't do that" from her and putting the ring on a table would have been much better. Carlton gets negative points for manipulation.

The rest were much as I imagined. Amber was full-tilt, no boundaries, no internal censor. She thinks she is fun and honest, but she is not. She is a drama princess, not even a queen, and she is going to lead a very small life, making a lot of people uncomfortable. Barnett looked a little dazed. GG seems to want to be controlled, and Damien seems to enjoy that.

Jessica... I don't think this experience helped her. She desperately wants something, but what?

If they do a Season 2, I don't think I will watch it. This was a sad show.
posted by alwayson_slightlyoff at 9:39 AM on March 8, 2020

I think some of these people wanted to make it to the reunion as couples and will feel free to part ways now.
posted by dianeF at 11:55 AM on March 8, 2020

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