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A detective from Tokyo scours London for his missing brother, who's been involved with the Yakuza and accused of murder.
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This is available on Netflix and is fantastic. It's much funnier and not quite as violent as the trailer suggests. It's very stylish, the cast is great, and the story subverts a number of expectations. Also: don't skip the recap at the beginning of each episode. It's done in the same animation style that they use elsewhere and is equally excellent.
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This is currently available on BBC iPlayer in the UK (for 1 more month). BBC trailer.
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I just finished it yesterday and I recommend it highly. It checks many of the best boxes we associate with prestige TV. Action, romance, cops , yakuza...

I have no interest in a sequels, but I’d love to see the next things some of the people involved here do in the coming years.
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I really enjoyed this. After the last episode, I wonder how many of the cast are also dancers?

It was interesting to realize over the course of the series that Yuto is the real protagonist, not Kenzo. Yuto sets everything in motion, Kenzo reacts. The daughter’s character was handled very well. I remain slightly unclear about the police captain’s relationship with each of the Yakuza groups.
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How much of this is subtitled vs in English (only because I want to know how much knitting I'll be able to do)?
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How much of this is subtitled vs in English (only because I want to know how much knitting I'll be able to do)?

I'd say about 50/50? Most of the London segments are in English but there are a lot of subtitles.

It was interesting to realize over the course of the series that Yuto is the real protagonist, not Kenzo.

Agreed, especially after watching the trailer. And it's amazing to me that Yuto's plan... basically... worked? Not at all cleanly or without consequences, but still.
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About 50% subtitled. Basically anything involving two
Japanese characters in conversation with each other. My wife, who also knits while watching TV, complained a bit about the subtitles but hung on every single episode.

My bigger complaint is that some of the subtitling didn’t remain on screen nearly long enough for a person to read them, although that seemed more of an issue in early episodes and wasn’t as noticeable in later episodes.
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we watched this a little while back and I definitely recommend it.
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I watched this after reading about it here (thanks for the recommendations) and loved it! So funny and heartwarming, exciting and sad. And the twists (Donna! Ian! Roy!) Brilliant writing, direction and performances. Absolutely fantastic. It's made me want to learn more about Japan too.
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Just finished episode one - this is really incredible tv
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I've never been so tense watching anything in my life.

And I cried a little at the dance.

This was so, so good on so many points.

Probably would not have watched this without Sibrax's post! Thank you so much!
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This was such a good series. I loved it! The characters were all wonderful but I had an especial soft spot for Rodney.

I loved how they played with different styles...the animation, the dance. The dance scene reminded me of the final episode of River, another great series.

It handily passed the Bechdel test and the equivalent test for race: two main characters of colour who talk about something other than a white character. I loved that too.
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This show was perfection. I loved everything about it. The settings, dialogue, music, tasteful amounts of violence, tenderness, drama, intrigue, humor, and a great twist!
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