The Fare (2018)
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World-weary taxi driver Harris finds himself engaged in the only kind of courtship he can have with his passenger Penny -- one that lasts as long as her trip... until she disappears from the back seat without a trace. When he resets his meter, he is instantaneously transported back to the moment when she climbed into his cab. As he and Penny find themselves trapped in an endless nighttime cab ride, secrets will be revealed, truths will come to light, and Harris' entire life will be changed forever.

Brinna Kelly, who plays Penny, also wrote and produced this sci-fi/romance/fantasy/thriller.

Currently streaming in the US on Amazon Prime.
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I was truly surprised when the mythological underpinnings emerged. Its romantic aspects will trigger a gag reflex for some, but I liked it.
posted by DirtyOldTown at 12:35 PM on February 22, 2020

Granted, I am both sentimental and a sucker for time loop movies.
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Me too. That was beautifully sad.
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Brinna Kelly says the film is "kinda like if The Twilight Zone had a Valentine’s Day episode." I also read she's part Hungarian, which is very cool. (My spouse and kid are/speak Hungarian.)
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If you watch this on Amazon Prime with the subtitles on, they depict the big reveal moment as the cabbie realizing he is "the fairy man", which is very amusing.
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