Prospect (2018)
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A teenage girl and her father travel to a remote alien moon, aiming to strike it rich. They've secured a contract to harvest a large deposit of the elusive gems hidden in the depths of the moon's toxic forest. But there are others roving the wilderness and the job quickly devolves into a fight to survive. Forced to contend not only with the forest's other ruthless inhabitants, but with her own ...
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I had to come and write immediately after watching, was completely blown away. This is the best science fiction movie I have experienced in decades, and I have seen most of them. Still in awe and with a wonderful glow, this one will be returned to again and again.

It is the same thing that Star Wars and Blade Runner did, the worldbuilding is so incredibly detailed and lovingly crafted, everything from the ground up. From the costumes to the spaceships to the gear to set dressings like maps and drugs and food and medicine, nothing here will jar you out of the world, it is all built to fit.

Maybe if you are a professional diver, mountaineer, or firefighter you will recognise some small bit of kit, but for me I tried really hard and there was not a stitch that was "from our world".

Story is good, acting is good, but really it is that fantastic world that had my chakra wheel spinning just so.

I hope to see a lot more of this world from the visionaries that created this.

12/10, fantastic, right there with Blade Runner, go see this now.
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Prospect is streaming on Hulu in the US.
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Tardigrade pyjamas!
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Space Grimes vs. Mirror Universe Malcolm Reynolds!

I really like this movie. It feels pretty thin, but the sinister weirdness of the mercenaries at the end saves it and makes it kind of a slow burn horror. If I could change one thing it would be to not have the stilted Space literally-Western dialogue which is so overdone compared to the rest of it that is so confident and inventive.
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This was originally a short that Dust put out. While I loved both of them, the short felt a bit better. For some reason my brain cataloged this movie in with blade runner too!

Visually, this felt like the cover of a 1960's pulp paperback in the best way. It was super dreamy and allowed forgiveness of some of the pacing sins of the feature-length version.
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FallibleSpouse worked on this film a few years back. She would leave the house at 5 pm, then return home 10-12 hours later, happy, exhausted, and reeking of smoke. (She was doing safety work for the stunt crew.)

They were shooting in a public park just north of Seattle, and at one point needed to ask the parks department to please stop posting pictures of the spacecraft to social media.

Sophie Thatcher is apparently delightful, and Pedro Pascal is apparently a bit extra. Attending the cast screening is one of the most delightful experiences I have ever had. You have not seen a film until you’ve seen it with everyone cheering for the scenes they or their friends worked on.
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1/3 in, fucking delighted. Long Chile’s favorite son.
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repeated references to “The Green”, lol
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At about 1:36, in the tent, a quick shot of a dude’s picture, set in a kind of religious icon frame. It’s DJ Riz, a true saint of my city.

Fallible, dunno about just north of the city, but maybe? The bulk of the forest settings were shot in the wettest location in the Northern Hemisphere, the Hoh Rainforest, west of Mount Olympus, south of Forks probably, north and east of Aberdeen. An otherworldly place. About three to five hours away, west, and, yes, slightly north.

Dead Man was shot slightly north and west, give or take.
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The initial short.
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Finally got round to this. It’s good! Strong aesthetic. I love the ka-chunky physicality of the tech. Kinda retrofuturistic, but far more visually interesting than the sparkly hologram bullshit a lot of sci fi offers up.
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Just watched this a couple nights ago and loved it. I want to re-watch it and try to identify all the props/costumes. Is that a Pelican case they painted to hold the gems? Is that a fishbowl for a helmet? Is that a milk jug glued to a broom stick for the rifle? So good.

I'd like to know the backstory of the execution method for the guy in the box, if anyone has any additional information.
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