Homeland: False Friends
February 23, 2020 6:23 AM - Season 8, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Carrie arranges a meeting. Haqqani finds trouble at home. Saul cuts a deal.
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So I felt kind of dumb watching this episode, when I suddenly came out of my fog and said:
"they've been BEATING ME OVER THE HEAD with this Max actually IS a lucky charm thing for the past 3 episodes, maybe they're foreshadowing?" and yeah.. they totally are.. Somebody has given orders to let that listening post come back online, and to not interfere with the listening operation. Somebody who intends to use this listening post as a way to execute their devious plan by feeding selected artisanally hand crafted intelligence tidbits to the CIA/Saul/Carrie. The reason I felt dumb is that I should have realized this when they all made it out of that ravine alive in ep1.
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oh, shit, some loser. i didn't think of that but it makes sense now.

carrie is finally going down the lying route so we all know how the next couple of episodes will go.

but overall i enjoyed this episode!
posted by KTamas at 11:04 AM on February 25, 2020

I admire the complexity of the storytelling. Adding in US political intrigue feels like it may possibly one element too far, but so far they're keeping it tight and close to Saul and the Taliban story. Past seasons have tried to be this ambitious in scripting and then run out of time to tie everything up, I hope they plan their last season very carefully.

Andrea Deck is doing great as Jenna. She's come into her own; her comment about "admiring the tradecraft" was delicious. I get the feeling they're prepping her to possibly be the star of a Homeland spinoff, should there be one. I'm OK with that.

I was relieved when it turned out Evgeny was real; I was a little afraid in episode 2 the whole encounter at the club was a hallucination. It sure looks like he's playing her now, his story about "miraculously being there to save her" was paper-thin.
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