My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 500: Spaghettageddon Two: 2 Saucy, 2 Carbious
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So, before setting any expectations based on the title of the episode, know this: Ten years later, our bodies respond to spaghetti-loading SUPER differently. We all recorded this one together, and mostly spent it talking to our various family members, but also there are two impromptu musical numbers and a fierce competition of athletic prowess, so, yeah. Thank you all so much for sharing this past decade with us. You've changed our lives irrevocably, and there's no way we'll be able to repay that kindness in our lifetimes, so instead, we just ate a bunch of pasta and recorded it for you.
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Celebrating their 500th episode before delivering on episode 420 seems like it's inviting some sort of cannabis-themed cosmic revenge...
posted by howfar at 9:55 AM on March 2, 2020

The section with the kids is fantastic
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This was super indulgent and pretty low on goofs but it was a really nice "milestone" episode. Absolutely agree that the kids stole the show (and not just because I have three daughters around the ages of Charlie and Beebee).

Also felt a tinge of pride that I Was There for the recording of the Candlenights TV episode and likewise count it as one of my top moments of live entertainment.
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What's up with the Wilbur in Boston? Curious to know if there's some beef as I've noticed a lot of acts that used to play there no longer do.
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It has a bunch of terrible recent Yelp reviews, mostly to do with the theater being run-down and the management disorganized. I couldn't find any articles about a particular scandal or anything though.
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It wasn't very funny, but then, it didn't really need to be. It's a retrospective (and if they had a way to make this one extra special funny, wouldn't that be kind of weird? Like, what would that even look like?)

But anyway, it was touching. Getting all of them together and having all the special guests be family hit me right in the feelers. As did this nice little Entertainment Weekly interview.
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The first part was pretty funny. I liked how Charlie earnestly sang a song and Bebe forced everyone to pay attention to her puns (baby level puns). Too bad Henry didn't come on to keep them in line.
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I hadn’t thought about that, bleep, but they both do a pretty good job of recapitulating their dad’s shticks, don’t they? Henry noping out is pretty Griffiny.
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Honestly just doing a Spaghettageddon 2 was enough for me to be fully bought-in, and the misery that it wreaked on their almost-ten-years-older bodies. The blasé wives were 😗👌
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It was a really heartwarming episode. It'd get smarmy fast if they did this every week, but for them to be able to do this without having to break with the on-mic characters they've created was a huge part of what made it wonderful.
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"Do Michael Keaton!"
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I love how they asked all the spouses about "Play Along at Home."

Would totally listen to a candy podcast about what the good candy was. Young fifteen schnitzengruben loved him some Lik-M-Aid, or a Skor bar, but I would run very far away from both now. What are the hot snacks of today's youth?
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The Charlie and Daddy show was basically Charlie's podcast about candy.
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