The Guyver (1991)
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A young man discovers a device that merges with his own body turning him into a cyborg superhero.

Loosely based on the manga by the same name Sean Barker discovers an alien artifact called "The Unit" which changes him into an alien-hybrid super soldier called "The Guyver". The film features Mark Hamill, Michael Berryman, and Jimmie Walker with a cameo of Linnea Quigley.

The trailer is available on youtube.
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I forgot to add that David Gale (the villain of Re-animator) is in this as well.
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One of the co-directors, Screaming Mad George, used to be the frontman for The Mad, an early NY punk band that used to play regularly with bands like the Beastie Boys and The Misfits. Their shows were very theatrical. SMG would take a prop knife and cut his belly open then pull out his intestines! He eventually left NY for LA and became a very successful special effects artist in the 80s. The other director, Steve Wang, was also an established SFX guy. He designed the original Predator.
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I remember watching this on the sci fi channel one day. I was fascinated by it because it has the weirdest cast. I was able to watch it recently (a friend had a copy of all things). Still delightfully weird.
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Wow, that is an all-star B movie cast.
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Despite the cast in the first one, I always liked the sequel, Guyver 2: Dark Hero better.
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Jeffrey Combs as "Dr. East"? Hoo boy, I gotta see this now.
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(miss-lapin: please note correct spelling of Combs' name for the tags. Jeffrey Coombs was a passenger on one of the jets on 9/11, and the similarity scared a lot of Trekkies until the confusion was cleared up.)
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Argh my apologies. Fixing.
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