The X-Files: Space   Rewatch 
March 5, 2020 9:02 PM - Season 1, Episode 9 - Subscribe

Mulder and Scully are asked to come to Houston to look into technically inexplicable damage to a space shuttle that is on the verge of launching.
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What if Roger Boisjoly saw aliens instead of an O-ring failure?

This episode is pretty forgettable, but I'm still kind of glad it exists? It's the kind of X-Files episode that coasts by entirely on atmosphere, but the atmosphere is so good that it's enough.
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I'd definitely call this one lacklustre. The space ghost face/mist special effect was so cheesy, and the idea that it would possess an astronaut for 20 years in order to secretly sabotage NASA's operations and funding at the end of that time was absurd. And I found the speculation as to whether Belt caused the Challenger disaster to be rather tasteless.

Why did Mulder yell, "Get a doctor!" after finding Lt. Col. Belt in a fetal position under his desk when Scully was standing right next to him?

Michelle Generoo goes not only back to the control centre but also to a press conference with blood still on her face from her accident. This will totally not look alarming or raise questions among the press corp. The next day, having taken time to wash her face, she show no sign of the accident whatsoever -- no bruising, cuts, or stiffness.
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Was there a reason to skip Episode 8: Ice?
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Ice was already re-watched a few years ago it seems.
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Was there a reason to skip Episode 8: Ice?

As EndsOfInvention said, "Ice" did indeed already have a rewatch thread. I'm not posting duplicate threads for episodes that already have a rewatch post, but am simply adding my own comments to the existing thread. Anyone who wants to get to the rewatch threads that I didn't create can easily do so by clicking on the previous episode/next episode links at the bottom of each thread.
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I liked that Mulder is a red blooded gung-ho space-exploring American.

Would have thought that a UFO/ extraterrestrial believer wouldn't be as excited about humanity's early stumbling endeavours with spaceflight, but there you go.

(the "piggybacking" or "what's the point" ideas vs. it's just tech, humans can get as advanced as the Greys; borrowing from them is one thing, but isn't "doing our own homework" a point of pride?)
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