Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Trying
March 6, 2020 9:18 AM - Season 7, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Jake and Amy work an uncrackable case while Holt adjusts to a new beat; Hitchcock looks for the love of his life.
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This must be when Melissa Fumero is well into her second pregnancy. A lot of shots with her sitting down or standing in a way that her bump is not seen. But it'll be great for when Amy actually gets pregnant and she won't have to fake it!

That didn't look like 600 guinea pigs!

The 6 months jump was wild, but it worked out great. These were all plots that required actual time to be passed.
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1. Every single moment between Holt and Terry was SO funny. My favorite part by far.
1a. I definitely knew that the outcome would be Holt getting tips.
2. I disagreed with our pal LaToya about the Rosa/Boyle storyline. I am enjoying how this season we see how when Rosa commits to helping her friend out in an awkward situation, she commits all the way. Naming them all Claire was really funny to me.
3. Hitchcock's facial expressions during the terrible toasts were perfect.
4. Totally agree with LaToya about the Hitchcock/Scully storyline. She said it best: If there’s not a follow-up to this, then it’s just lazy gay jokes in this episode for no reason. And if there is a follow-up to this, it honestly came out of nowhere, especially if it’s unrequited.
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My wife and I “tried” for two years, and finally—finally!—got lucky with IVF. It’s tough. We kept glancing knowingly at each other throughout the episode.
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I actually really liked this:

* Guinea pigs = The Trouble With Tribbles, I suspect.
* Terry popping his nipples at Holt, geeeez!
* Holt suddenly knows Russian! Of course he does!
* The gay bro love of Hitchcock and Scully: even if it's not sexual, they are hetero lifemates. I actually found the wedding ceremony chat to be pretty sweet.
* Hitchcock thinks his life is like Cinderella, but with a tooth.
* And finally.... seriously, I heard the title of this and thought, I do not want to watch a dreary episode of people mechanically having sex to get a baby. But "the Jake way" and ESPECIALLY "the Hitchcock way" made me laugh my ass off. Make the worst possible decision! Drink the worst drink! Bang in the alley! Delightful.
* And then in the end, Hitchcock didn't get her pregnant and maybe they should do it in the brother-in-law way?
* I also liked the realistic ending...not yet, y'all.
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What a very strange episode, which feels like a grab bag of random plots thrown together with the overarching story of "The Jake Way" vs "The Amy Way" vs "The Hitchcock Way."

At least Scully and Hitchcock got to deliver a line like, "Forget it, she has all of her teeth! Even the back ones!"

Though the line of the episode has to be Rosa's declaration, "I'm the mushy one in the precinct."
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This season has been so fucking good. And this episode could have been just filler, but damn, that ending.


A friend of my wife's has been trying for years now, to the point where it's been a slow-motion ongoing tragedy. Yesterday she called with good news, twelve weeks, etc. I've got a lot of other friends going through this and I know it doesn't always end happily, but still, it often does, and the simple, perfect ending to this is why I love the show so much.
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I was so annoyed by the predictable Amy plot that I didn't really pay attention to the Holt plot but now that I think about it, I really liked it. I was wondering if they were going to address that Holt isn't just wearing a different costume but actually doing different work and how he feels about that and I liked how they showed that he could feel bad about it but still be learning and growing anyway because he's smart and empathetic no matter what his present circumstances are.

I guess the Amy story was also good for showing us how Amy's aggressive single-minded pursuit style can get in the way of what she's trying to do and sometimes doing it jakes way is actually the right thing and sometimes the only thing. It kind of balances them out as a couple and puts them on equal footing which I like.
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What I love about Holt is that he's a stereotypical "This is how smart people talk lol" sitcom character but the difference is how he actually pays attention to what other people have to say, considers it, and files it away in case it might be useful later. That's what an actual smart person does no matter how formal their diction is.
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This season has just been insanely funny to me -- I hope it continues. When Amy and Jake wandered into a room with the (indeterminate number of) Claires and the baby CPR dummies, I started cackling.

The way they've been blocking Amy's shots all season made me think Melissa Fumero was pregnant, especially given the show's pregnancy story. So I was REALLY surprised that they put in a big time jump....and Amy still wasn't pregnant at the end of it. But this is actually kind of an interesting take on the obligatory now-they're-having-a-BABY sitcom development, and I thought it was well-done.
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