Black Lightning: The Book of War: Chapter Three: Liberation
March 9, 2020 8:41 PM - Season 3, Episode 16 - Subscribe

Black Lightning faces off against Gravedigger. (Season Finale)
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The Obama reference in this episode made me wonder who is president in post-Crisis Earth Prime. Have Supergirl's Lynda Carter & Bruce Boxleitner presidencies been erased? Or will some of the Arrowverse shows keep referencing their made-up presidents while Black Lightning continues to reference real history because comics continuity be damned?
posted by oh yeah! at 7:38 PM on March 10, 2020

i thought about that, but then i decided it won't matter until we get there. There was that president on Earth Prime during the 1st crossover, but maybe his administration is over now.

My biggest issue with this whole episode is: why doesn't anyone remember that Gravedigger has mind control??? Like seriously, even Gravedigger forgot it until he didn't feel like fighting the first defenders, and then Thunder and Grace. He could easily defeat everyone by just telling them all to "SLEEP". But he likes the fighting, until he loses, then he tries other powers, and then they get taken away, and he still forgets about his real power. And on the heroes side, how did all of them forget to just wear earplugs against him? They're already communicated via earpieces, they should turn them into noise filtering ones while fighting Gravedigger.

And, because this keeps bugging me, so I'm going to complain about it again: Black Lightning can literally just call in the Super Friends to help. I mean, Flash and J'onn can both take out everyone and defend against Gravedigger's powers. Why make them all live in the same world if you're not going to have them crossover all the time?
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I didn't much care for the ASA/Markovia invasion storyline this season but I really enjoyed watching the entire cast.
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Who the heck knows how post-Crisis presidential lineups go now.

I was surprised at Henderson's death, not so much that something happened to Grace, though "coma" lets them bring her back whenever, I guess.
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Wasn't there a woman president who who was waxing poetically about Oliver's sacrifice over on Arrow? I just assumed she was in charge in this Earth-Prime era.

This really suffered from being post cross-over. Yes, Jeff should have just picked up the phone and rounded up Kara and Barry and J'onn. Sure, that's always the problem with comics why doesn't Hero A call Hero B for back-up, but usually when things get this catastrophically bad, that's when it's time for a guest appearance or a crossover.

Even beyond the lack of super friends support, I had so much trouble with the thought that, yes, the U.S.A. would allow a tiny foreign nation to invade its shores and run rampant over its territory. Yea, no, that's not happening. I don't care how deep a three-letter agency has its fingers in the local pie (there are ways of explaining that away), American troops would be on scene wiping out the nasty foreigners with extreme prejudice.

The thing that struck me the most (now that I'm finally caught up) was just now X-Meny it was. Forced citizenship in a mutant nation. Check for Genosha. Start up a private boarding school for super humans. Check for Xavier's Academy.

As above, I'm also surprised at Henderson's death, and even a bit at Dr. Jace's.

I know why they filmed it the way they did (so they could have the entire Pierce family striding out of the courtroom victorious) but it makes zero sense -- and is actually dangerous when it comes to little things like secret I.D.s -- to have Lynn walking out of the building with Black Lightning, Lightning and Thunder. Dumb, dumb, dumb.
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