Dispatches from Elsewhere: Janice
March 9, 2020 8:41 PM - Season 1, Episode 3 - Subscribe

While searching for Fredwynn at the Shareholders meeting, the gang has their first encounter with Octavio; Janice explores her past.
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As an old who grew-up watching a young Sally Field on tv, the scene of Janice talking with Janice was pretty cool. And the dark turn it took was unexpected and somewhat upsetting, especially if you took a step back and realized this was a product intended to be unleashed on the public.
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This was an interesting episode to watch, in that its the first time we've really seen something (using photorealistic VR to have a conflict/conversation with a past self) that couldn't really be a thing, at least today. While this sort of closes down the 'is it real' question, there is still something delightfully optimistic about the feel of this show that has me excited to watch the rest. On the strength of these 3 episodes alone I kindof want to shake Mr Segal's hand and say "Nice job."
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