Lost Girls (2020)
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I feel like I should have known more about this story, what with living in the tri-state area when the news came out about the bodies being found, but I guess I'd only really heard the news soundbites. So the details of all the police investigation fuck-ups was infuriating (and, fuck-ups is too charitable a reading, definitely seems like there was an active cover-up rather than just lazy negligence). And the ending credit epilogues on Mari and her surviving daughters was an unexpected kick in the teeth.

And yet, there was something beautiful and cathartic about this movie. Like, there is no closure in the traditional sense -- no arrest, no conviction. But that hug between Mari and Kim got me all weepy. I don't know. It's a bleak story on the face of it, but it left me feeling pretty sad, but more angry than hopeless.
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I'm a member of the Websleuths community. I follow a lot of cases. Most of them are going nowhere as far as the public can see. There are many cases where investigators work hard, follow the leads they get, but just can't get the break that will solve the case through no fault of their own. But some of the cases though are just totally discarded. As Mari asks Dormer in the movie, are the cops covering up or just plain incompetent? In a lot of cases, it's both. Cops mess up, cops pursue their pet theories, cops ignore evidence because they just aren't very good investigators. Cops protect their own turf. Then when the obvious makes it into the open, it's better to just clam up.

The movie did a good job of illustrating most all these things. Amy Ryan was very good and both women playing the daughters were great.

I just have to comment on one little thing that kept breaking the spell... The Gilbert family SUV... Mari is barely hanging on with one job at the diner and dwindling hours as a construction worker and she's driving that big thing around down Long Island and back? Uh, no. But that's just me!
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