Schitt's Creek: The Bachelor Party
March 18, 2020 7:24 AM - Season 6, Episode 11 - Subscribe

The Roses attend the Escape Room portion of David and Patrick's Bachelor Party, but their participation wanes the more their personal dilemmas come to a head.
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My two burning questions are:
1. What happened to turtle Ted?
2. What was the fourth voice message on Johnny's phone?

Alexis crushing the high stakes world of escape rooms made perfect sense!
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I loved Alexis getting excited about and excelling at the escape room (Galapagos themed! Bwahaha). Almost as much as I enjoyed everyone but Patrick dreading the idea of an escape room...

I also got a kick out of the terrible Larry Air commercial lines, and Alexis' Moira impression.

I, too, need closure on Turtle Ted. He cannot meet the fate of the succulent, tell us who took over his care!
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I was also bugged about the fourth call! Like, Turtle Ted and the calls are just more stuff they've left dangling--that's one thing this show does a lot that kind of drives me nuts. It was made up for by Alexis's impression of Moira, OMG that was brilliant, and how well she did at an escape room. Of course she did, she had to escape from all those sheik's palaces and yachts.

I kind of love that Patrick picked an escape room, because you know he absolutely knew how much they'd all hate it, especially David. I love it when he trolls David.
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I just watched this episode and I can report: the first call is Moira saying "we need to get out of this escape room thing;" the second call is Moira with an idea about HOW to get out of it; the third call is David saying everyone has to do the escape room even though no one wants to; and the fourth is Mike.
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