Schitt's Creek: The Pitch
March 25, 2020 4:44 AM - Season 6, Episode 12 - Subscribe

Johnny, Stevie, and Roland head to New York for their pitch meeting, while the family anxiously awaits their return.
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Oh god, I knew the meeting would trip all my embarrassment squick issues, so I was helplessly curled up in a ball from the minute they got in the car. Roland is the absolute worst, I can't stand him, but he did have one shining moment here, even if I had to watch it initially peeking through my fingers and humming loudly. Johnny is a legend.

I felt like there was a vibe between Stevie and the assistant who helped them, can't recall her name right now. Maybe I'm looking through slash glasses, though.

They did a good job portraying finance/VC douchebags, though. You honestly can't be over the top about them, they're their own exaggerated portrayal of evil.

Poor Patrick. I think he saw something in David here, the old David, that really stung.
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Poor Patrick. I think he saw something in David here, the old David, that really stung.

Agreed. I think he had become confident in the belief that he (plus the shop) was enough for David, and seeing David ready to throw over what they had built together--also David's assumption, before any discussion, that Patrick would share his excitement--ouch. That hurt to watch.
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why on earth would you bring Roland to any business meeting ever?????
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