Cherish the Day: Synopsis
March 19, 2020 9:29 AM - Season 1, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Gently and Evan shop for counselors and recap their relationship thus far.
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Wow. Rarely have my positive feelings about a show taken such a dramatic turn for the worse. This 42-minute episode, in which Gently and Evan try out 3 different marriage counselors, has, I kid you not, 6 flashbacks to previous episodes within the first 15 minutes, and the flashbacks just increase from there. We still don't get a clear sense of what Gently's thoughts and feelings are, the writing of the dialogue from the counselors is almost ridiculously preachy and didactic, and the episode just crashes along from scene to scene with music and flashbacks (so.....many.......flashbacks.....).

I can't write any more. I'm not even sure I'll pay the $2 for the finale (ok, I used to love these characters and sunk costs, but still). Anyway, the first 5 episodes of this thing are really fun and interesting.
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Meant to note a key element missing from this episode was *any* member of the wonderful cast of supporting characters I'd come to really like previously (except in damn flashback). It just reminded me how good the ensemble was, and how much its absence took the show down.
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Maybe my standards are lower because I'm not paying for this by episode, ha. I mean, I agree about the 'holy flashbacks, Batman!'-ness of it all, and it is frustrating/unsatisfying to see these characters rehashing the same argument umpteen different ways. Also, I have to work real hard at suspending my disbelief whenever a show has someone making it big by having a successful podcast (I'm looking at you, God Friended Me). But I'll hang on through the finale.
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Yeah, me too; I'm in til the end, and will be looking to see what kind of couple they decide to use for Season 2, if there is one. DuVernay's said everything's on the table - elderly, interracial, trans, same-sex...

I'm glad someone else is watching, and didn't have as much of a negative reaction to these last couple of episodes. But damn, episode 5 was just so well-made and so involving and so heartfelt. Did you not feel a decline in these last two?

Maybe my standards are lower because I'm not paying for this by episode, ha.

Well, yeah, that can make a difference :) FWIW, I watched the first 3 episodes while using up a free trial of YouTube TV (don't have cable), and loved them so much I started buying the rest online. It was cheaper per episode than by the season at that point.
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I'm in the not paying extra category, but this ep was very disappointing for me. I actually didn't mind the lighter use of flashbacks in the previous episode, but this was basically a clip show. I haaaate clip show episodes, even in a regular network length season, and I think its an inexplicable choice in an 8 episode run.

It's too bad, because I think the idea of an episode of these two shopping around for a couples counselor was interesting. I would have much rather seen more of the individual sessions, or have gotten scenes where their friends and family recommended counselors to them. I agree about missing the ensemble, and I would have liked to see, for example, Miss Luma recommending the therapist Gently says was her reference. Did Gently ask for a rec? Did Gently bitch about Evan insisting on counseling and Luma offer a rec? Could Luma just tell Gently's been upset and broach the subject on her own? Any of those scenes would have been more enlightening than a recap of previous episodes.

To be fair, I do sort of get what they were going for. These are the memories, good and bad, that are priming their current problems. But I feel like a little more faith in the actors and the audience is warranted. I remember those scenes, this series isn't so long I need a recap! And the leads have been great at expressing complicated emotions, so trust them to convey the love and regret and resentment these characters have for each other.

Lol, I can tell how much I liked the earlier episodes by how irritated this one made me. Definitely still in for the finale and another season. But, in the future, if the writers look at their narrative arc and feel like they have room for a half hour of flashbacks in a single episode, I hope they reconsider that approach. I'd rather have a six episode season than the clip show episode.
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