Onward (2020)
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Set in a suburban fantasy world, two teenage elf brothers embark on a quest to discover if there is still magic out there.
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Why they didn't leave Dad's lower half with Mom, I'll never understand.
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Also the McElroys should have tried to get cameos in this movie instead.
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Was it any good? I love animation and Tom Holland, but I've read this is just ok. Is there anything great about it?
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My six year old loved this, I really enjoyed it. As a father of two boys it was effective in making me cry. It is basically your odd couple road trip as per standard Pixar, but it at least makes a bit of an effort to actually have some active female characters, with the mum having a (much smaller) role to play.

The thing that got me is that the central conceit is that magic is hard work so the world switches to technology instead, but honestly it didn't seem that hard, and was able to accomplish lots of things technology couldn't.
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I feel like the movie was trying to say "magic is hard work" but what it really said was "things were better when only a few people had magic instead of everyone having technology"
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As a D&D guy and Disney customer-but-also-cynic, I had a hard time getting past the sense that what I was watching was Disney testing the waters of just how pervasive the current RPG wave is.

I found it enjoyable, but IMO almost everything thematic was laid on way too thick, even by Disney/Pixard standards. The exception was the emotional climax w/r/t Dad—it was so perfectly handled that I actually smiled to myself.

But Disney/Pixar really, really needs to knock it off with the adverb titles. This may the least justifiable of them.
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This one lost me a bit to be honest, and as a huge fan of Pixar movies it was a bit of a disappointment. It got there in the end, but part of me wondered what a good bait and switch it would have been if the movie ended up focusing much more on the mother and the minotaur on their journey instead of the two boys.
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