Don't Blink (2014)
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Ten people arrive at a secluded mountain resort to find it completely deserted. With no gas for the return trip, the visitors are forced to stay and investigate the mystery surrounding the abandoned lodge.

A tense, high concept, low budget horror thriller about the antithesis of social distancing. If you're intrigued, don't watch the trailer, as it is unforgivably spoilery. First time writer/director, Travis Oates, hits one out of the park with his debut feature, Don’t Blink. A deceptively simple story about a group of ten friends who get together for a weekend getaway at a mountain resort, only to discover that there isn’t anybody there when they arrive. Upon further investigation, they discover food left on the dinner table & the house seems to have been abandoned in a hurry. There also isn’t any sign of life surrounding them at all – no birds, fish, insects…nothing. It’s as if everything just vanished. Not helping matters is the fact that they’re basically out of gas, so they can’t drive away from the resort & there’s no cell phone service. […] The circumstances the group discovers once they arrive at the resort might seem bland at first, but Oates has written a script that manages to make the mundane pretty damned creepy.

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(h/t Scattercat for the recommendation)
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Ha! I am amused.

I haven't rewatched it recently, but I remember enjoying it a fair amount, especially once it started escalating. I also want to do a shoutout for the song that plays over the closing credits, which is unexpectedly good yet bizarre and disconnected in a way I haven't enjoyed since "(My Head is Like a) Shark's Fin."
posted by Scattercat at 4:11 PM on March 26, 2020 [1 favorite]

This was a pretty good little example of the sort of genre I think of "a bit overstretched Twilight Zone episode that would have worked better as a more aggressively edited shorter piece in an anthology flick." My main armchair feedback to the writer/director would have been--title drop a single time, at the end, instead of occurrences of "don't blink!" being a minor drinking game.

But a good time! The actors hurled themselves into their simple roles with cheerful unselfconscious going-for-it (I especially loved an early bit of dude wanting to aggressively angry-alpha-ape-display shoulder-check-walkthrough other guy and then instantly backing down from the thought and awkwardly shuffling around him instead--that was just great silent physical acting). And pretty good focusing of audience attention on what you knew early on to look out for..

Thanks for the recommendation!
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An intriguing premise, but the execution was so bland that the only reason to keep watching was to find out if the film had a satisfying conclusion. And by conclusion I do mean explanation. And... it didn’t.
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