My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 503: How to Get Away with Pinkbelly
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Listen, y'all. There's only one way that we're getting through this thing, and I think we all know exactly what way I'm talking about. It is imperative, now more than ever, that we get Richard Gere to be a top-tier YouTuber.Suggested talking points: What's Funny?!, Lying Ants, Snip Tunes, Roughhousing, Netflix Prophecies, Liminal Chalupa
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The realization about perhaps needing to change the usual signoff with the pausing of the outro music made me laugh so hard.
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I can’t believe I didn’t hear the word “quadroupalupa”

The Sam Neill bit just about killed me
posted by supercres at 9:18 PM on March 25, 2020

They did such a good job of not ignoring the current state of affairs but also not losing what matters about their comedy advice show.

I too absolutely loved the part about the signoff--it was so good, and somehow it was reassuring.

Also, were they making up fake bullying tactics? It were those all real things?
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Modren Era, Chilean Miners, Kiss your Dad, Sexpert, none of it makes any sense after 500 episodes. And yet this is the closest we'll ever get to directly addressing these weird things they keep saying. I love it.
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This one was absolutely perfect.
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