Steven Universe: I Am My Monster
March 27, 2020 6:54 PM - Season 6, Episode 19 - Subscribe

When an episode begins with a shot of the Beach City water tower and the ground shaking, it means two things. Insurance rates are about to go up again, and there's about to be a fight. There's a difference this time though....
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Lol, kaiju vs giant hug. This must ve been the second or third thing they wrote. I feel like they based the series on this concept, which is so silly, but works because of all the pieces laid out to get here.
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Like, yeah, "defeat the enemy with love and understanding" has been Steven's M.O. since what, Monster Buddies? In this case, it's really not like they had any other option. Even the cluster helped! Sometimes the ultimate enemy you face in your life is yourself, and the only way to defeat your fear and doubt is to love yourself and surround yourself with other people that love you.
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Dammit I cried. Poor Steven. But if anyone deserves the chance to be a giant destructive mess and lose his shit, it's him. It wasn't just a hug, it was everyone saying how much they loved him. And Lion! Pets are the best when you feel like shit. They still love you.
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Tears at our house too, emjaybee.

And damn, Connie is clearly fed up with big Gem babies making it all about them. I'm so proud of her, being so strong and telling these immortal alien space dictators to pull themselves the fuck together.
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GF and I bawled like babies when giant Garnet hugged him.

Yes, I'm also so proud of Connie and that she got to have such a huge role here at the end. "Steven needs Steven" is such an exact description of how to help him.

Also, that was the "spiky worm" monster in the Bad Guys scene of the intro. The last 3 that are in there, Steven-monster, White Diamond Steven, and Cactus monster, were directly created by or is Steven himself. It's a very effective foreshadowing and really highlights the issues of Future.

I still can't think about the ending of this episode without tearing up.
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