Steven Universe: Everything's Fine
March 27, 2020 6:45 PM - Season 6, Episode 18 - Subscribe

"Everything's fine!" Steven keeps telling everyone, while he's huge and glowing pink. This will certainly turn out well!
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This felt like several episodes of "Steven's self-destructive tendencies become destructive tendencies" rolled into one. He was basically having a manic episode. Then at the end he realizes how badly he's spiraling out of control but that just feeds back into his spiral and he completely loses it. For a normal person, this is dangerous and ugly. For Steven, it's EXTREMELY dangerous and VERY ugly.

I feel like all of Steven Universe Future was very carefully scripted with everyone getting just enough coverage to be satisfying. I wonder if they debated whether Steven should go to Little Homeschool or Beach City. Honestly, it would have been nice to see the Beach City humans one last time, we never really got any time with poor Ronaldo or the other boardwalk denizens.
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Aw, kid. He looks so much like a diamond here. I kind of wanted that to be something he had to make peace with - it's as much a part of his legacy as being human - but I can accept that perhaps that's too complex a story for a short animated series.
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damn, Steven
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