Homeland: Threnody(s)
March 30, 2020 11:46 AM - Season 8, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Carrie waits. Wellington makes a discovery.
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So I guess, we got another Peter Quinn in Max.

I'm not tolerating the background politics that great, a little too odiously real.

Saul's loyalty, though. I'd have been so much more pissed, but maybe he planned/ allowed a "rogue" Carrie to be created, to have a more effective Carrie.

So much for loyalty, if that's the case.

Also, continuing on with the mental illness that (mostly) goes away when convenient. I'd have expected much more erratic behaviour and denial of erraticism and a lot of fighting back.
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Aw. Shit.
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OK, nothing since the helicopter replacement parts revelation has convinced me that EcgberhtWellington didn’t order the presidents dead. Hayes was my initial suspect, but as soon as shit went down he showed himself incapable of thinking a single original thought. I’m guessing Wellington thought this incompetent would be easier for him to manipulate than the W-president (too many Ws in this show right now)? Too bad Bannontank-fanguy and G’ulom are better at holding his attention. If it was Wellington, very impressive reverse psychology in the scene where he got the president to give the bombing order.

Love how even the new president can’t stop himself calling his predecessor "the president".
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Holy cow! That's Linus Roache/ Ecbert !?
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Max! No! I was just saying he is too sweet to die. His death makes me a lot more sad than Peter Quinn. Quinn chose the game, killed people himself, was a willing soldier. Max was an IT nerd who was just too willing to put himself in harm's way time and time again to help Carrie. In that sense though, he was like Quinn. I'm still a little confused on Max's backstory. My memory in the first seasons is he was an outsider, some blackops expert that Carrie could use outside what the American intelligence agencies would provide. But here they talk about him as if he were one of their own, a CIA agent or the like. I don't suppose it matters.

Yvgeny sure looks like a legitimate friend to Carrie in this episode. He's willing to let Carrie go entirely, back to the Americans. If he's working her and wants to turn her that's a hell of a gamble. OTOH why would he stick his neck this far out for her? The risk to him is enormous. As before I'm super excited by Costa Ronin's acting in this show.

Hell of a coincidence on the title Threnody. The day this aired the composer Krzysztof Penderecki died. One of his most famous pieces of music is Threnody to the Victims of Hiroshima. "Threnody" is an unusual word for "lament" or "dirge", a word of Greek origin.
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