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I finished this last month, but never got around to making a Fanfare post, since there was already an FPP, but since I'll probably be finished with another two kdramas on Netflix shortly I didn't want to leave this one postless.

I don't know that I have anything more interesting/insightful to say about it than the reviewers, but I think it's a great one to stream whether it's your first kdrama or your umpteenth. The balance of love story, humor, suspense, and tragedy is just right. I wasn't sure how/if they were going to be able to pull off a 'happy ever after' ending for Se-ri & Jung-hyuk, and I know some of the Dramabeans commenters weren't satisfied with the finale, but I was.
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We finished this one and loved it. Netflix has been making some very good choices when it comes to KDramas to bring over.
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This was my first K-drama, and I loved it. My housemate and I binged through the whole thing during lockdown, helping each other keep track of who is who and happily yelling at the main characters to smooch. I'm now learning the korean alphabet, because why not.

I feel like there were lots of subtleties wrt to the North Korea specifics that I didn't catch. The reality of the North/South closed border made the star-crossed lovers trope less ridiculous than it often is.

The ending dragged a bit, but they did a reasonable job of balance happily ever after with somewhat reasonable. Though I was hoping for reunification, so that all of them could be reunited.
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I think the wish for reunification suffused the show with an extra poignancy. I mean, I figure most South Koreans hope for it, but don't really expect to see it in their lifetime, considering how entrenched the North Korean dictatorship is.

The dramabeans recaps are great help when it comes to subtleties like pointing out when characters are switching from formal to casual speech, kdrama tropes, meta references, and stunt casting - like, the laughing guy in the green jumpsuit that the North Korean soldiers met who told them to take his food delivery job? That character was from an earlier show about a group of North Korean sleeper agents.
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I was feeling in the mood for some TV romance and this was so good. I loved it!

I liked that Se-ri seemed ridiculous to start but turned out to be brave, a loyal friend and great at social stuff. And, ooph, find yourself a hot man who can dodge bullets and stock your fridge!

I'm not as into the hammy comedy of many of the supporting characters but the actor who played Man Bok was great at both the emotional scenes and physical comedy. I also really enjoyed the giant softie of a security service officer.
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As commented in a recent MetaTalk thread, for the past few weeks I’ve been obsessed with CLOY. Last night I watched the 2-hour finale. The ending almost seemed absurd but given that neither character could give up their home and move to the other character’s country without placing themselves or their families in danger of execution (high stakes indeed!), the neutral (and heavenly looking) location of Switzerland is the only reasonable solution to achieve happily ever after (except in this case “ever after” = “for two weeks at a time”).

This morning I listened to the podcast for Sex.Love.Literature. to hear their recent show on CLOY – and while the discussion meanders a bit, the hosts shared some new insights and now I might need to now go back and rewatch the series. For example, they discuss the power dynamics between the lead couple, and how Ri Jung Hyuk doesn’t legitimately and passionately kiss Se Ri while she is in a vulnerable position, with their first real kiss occurring when he steps over the border into South Korea (her country, where she is strong and powerful). I could have sworn that they kissed before that moment, but maybe I’m mis-remembering their many loooong gazes.

One other thought – in case anyone is still reading this thread – I think the actor who played Captain Ri (Hyun Bin) would make an excellent James Bond. He has the good looks, the build, the action moves, the detached demeanor, and a fancy watch! I’m not a Bond fanatic, and have only watched the movies in small snips, but I might actually watch a Bond movie starring Hyun Bin.
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They did kiss before that, at the hospital when he got shot and she gave up her chance to go home in order to donate blood for him. (Not as much of a spoiler as it sounds, since this sort of thing happens in basically every CLOY episode :-) )
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